Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Some thoughts and more meaningless nonsense...4/24/13

Some thoughts and more meaningless nonsense...4/24/13

Welcome to the delusions of yours truly. Today is filled with babble, nonsense and other greatly exaggerated useless content that will help no one but myself...I'm kind of shallow and selfish...the sunglasses give that away...right?

Ok, so todayI wanted to talk a little about this past weekends trip to Pittsburgh and some cosmic revelations that happened...ok, maybe the term Cosmic Revelations is a little far from the truth and could only result in you being not just underwhelmed by this blog, but completely let a side note, I always hated the term "Blog", just sounds like a conceded, self absorbed term..ok, maybe then for me, it works. 

Back to the story...

So, Kim and I hear that our pals at ToeTag Pictures are opening a retail store and we couldn't help but be excited for them, as former retail owners. We know the goods and bads with retail and all the trouble that can accompany this risk...but there also can be reward. So, we load up the family truckster and head out west..about 5 hours west, actually. 

We've have known Fred and Shelby for nearly 10 years...yes 10 years. They are most notably known for the August Underground series. A series that has been described as "the sickest, most disgusting horror series..ever" so of course, we are fans. The reason why I felt compelled to discuss this trip is because I feel and hope that more stores like this open up. The retail business, especially when it comes to a niche' type of store can be tricky so I want to shed as much light as possible. The store had a very "Horror-esqe" feel with props from their films, posters, plenty of Horror films to purchase. Merchandise  like shirts, hoodies and more. Plus, VHS tapes and special edition stuff!! It's worth a visit if you're out that way and make sure you support these guys...I feel a place like this is important.

Then, Kim and I made the 20 minute ride to the Monroeville Mall...yep, the same mall from the 1978 George A Romero classic, Dawn of the Dead. Pittsburgh is full of Romero history and Kim had never since I had heard that the Zombie Museum was closing (located within the mall) I wanted to give her that memory...since we are HUGE Zombie fans and being with me for 20+ years, she really needs some good memories. I actually visited the museum a few years ago and can't praise it was free and well worth a visit. Sadly, the mall has changed so much, there is really nothing left that resembles the our former Graceland. The museum was mostly dissembled and Kim at least was able to buy a Pittsburgh hoodie. I actually still had an awesome time and look forward to our next road trip.

Fozzie Bear photo for no damn reason closing...let me say this - On the way home, a No Clowning Around feature became a topic...I mean, it's a 5 hour drive with awful stations and terrible reception so of course we are gonna talk about, Kim is a bad singer and I wanted to keep her distracted., what does this mean? Well, the script has an outline and we actually have some people we would love to have, after I finish with "Baggage", I will focus my attention on to this....I am hoping to get something started for early there you have it..if you read the entire blog thing, you now know...and you might have lost a few IQ're welcome.

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