Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mumbles the Clown Fan Club kit only $20.00!!

Mumbles the Clown Fan Club kit
Only $20.00

Hey kids, it's your old pal Mumbles the Clown. How would YOU like to join the Mumbles the Clown fan club? Now here is your chance!!

For only $20.00 you receive your DVD copy of the award winning short film "No Clowning Around", you get the Official Mumbles the Clown fan club T-shirt, plus an 11x17 poster AND a button!! You heard that right kids...all that for only $20.00 and FREE shipping anywhere in the US. This is available for a limited time, so hurry up and ask your parents for permission!!

Shirt size

(XXL and XXXL shirts are only $2.00 extra and please keep in mind, even though the dvd is unrated, it's very much for adults only)

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