Friday, November 25, 2016

Count Clowny Episode 2 - Check out our Horror/Comedy web series for free

Count Clowny follows the story of Ed, a newly hired horror host at a small television station, based in Ohio. Tony is Ed's boss, who, for whatever reason, just doesn't like Ed. On the second installment of the Count Clowny show, titled Love Walks In, Ed meets Cindy. Cindy is a fellow employee at B4-7 while overbearing boss, Tony, is not too fond of the meeting and tries to be a thorn in Ed's side. You also get a glimpse of a Count Clowny episode, plus Night of the Living Smuppets! It wouldn't be a telecast without Andy Pyles, and Andy teaches us all how to Build the perfect gingerbread house. You get all this and more right here :

You can also catch up with Episode 1 right here:

Plus, you can watch this week's Acting with Andy. Our own acting coach, life guru and all around "DIY" guy, Andy Pyles wants to share the real history of Thanksgiving. We have all heard about the Pilgrims and Indians, but according to Andy, that might not necessarily be the full truth. You might want to watch this for yourself:


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