Friday, October 7, 2016

Texas Chainsaw vs Halloween - Who Wins?

This past weekend, at Monster-Mania in Hunt Vally, MD, an internal debate was ignited: Is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise better than my beloved Halloween series? I know, crazy right? I consider myself a "lifer" when it comes to my eternal love of Michael Myers, but after rewatching a lot of the Chainsaw series lately, I find myself second guessing. Really ask yourself, which series is the best?

I also discuss why so many seem to take issue with others enjoying the #31DaysOfHorror trend thats happening. If it creates an awareness of what we love, how can its be bad? People are making lists, celebrating their love of the horror genre. I actually enjoy seeing the lists because sometimes, you stumble upon something you haven't seen before. Always a good heads up.

I briefly discuss the new import bluray for the Night of the Living Dead remake from 1990. Tom Savini just recreates the George Romero masterpiece, in what I would say is the greatest remake of all time. 

Is everyone geared up for haunt season? I want to know if you like the haunted houses, the hayrides or if you take some ghost tour? What works for you? Plus, let's be serious for a moment...does anyone actually believe that Count Chocula isn't the best monster cereal? 

Hopefully, you take a few minutes, start you day with watching todays video and enjoy the time we have together.

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