Friday, October 21, 2016

How to Get Started as an Actor - 5 FREE and easy tips to get started!

I get asked a lot, how to get started in acting and how to get the momentum rolling. I figured I would try to help by offering some quick and simple tips, based on what I've seen and learned after 20 years within the entertainment field. 

I have given several seminars on these types of subjects, especially within the professional wrestling field, including writing, acting and television production.

Getting started - Things have changed over the years and we are now able to reach and see a lot of people. People are constantly saying "I need extras" on social media. Most people, probably have gotten their starts this way...I did. Look for groups that focus on acting. There are plenty of groups on FB that focus locally, and these are a great way to meet filmmakers that are local. Just do a quick search and interact. Head to film festivals to meet filmmakers. Go to conventions and make contacts. You never know who you'll meet. All these tips will help you create a worth or value in your skills, ability and your impression. 

Things I would recommend -

Business cards - I can't stress this enough this classic form of professionalism. Would you take someone seriously if they wrote their name on a piece of scrap paper or on a business card with all their info? Think of it, it makes sense and is easy to look professional. can get you 500 cards for like $25. Invest in yourself. Research what types of business cards are recommended. RESEARCH!! Make your 1st impression a memorable one.

Website - This is another easy, no brainer. Creating a website based around what you're doing will let people know more about you.. What you like. Photos. Social Media platform info...all of this are ways for people to discover you. Again, you can buy a domain for $12 from GoDaddy and there are a bunch of free website builders. Look at other actors sites, try to make things clean and professional. 

Head shots - This is a bit more expensive, but well worth it. Having professional head shots available are a HUGE plus when looking for work. This will separate you from others. Be original, have fun and create different looks for different roles.

Demo Reel - if you have already done some work and have some things to show off, this is a great way to showcase all your acting chops for everyone to see. Plus, this can be shared on all your social media platforms. You never know who will see it and think of you with a role in mind.

Acting/Improv Classes - again, not free but a million times worth it. Getting comfortable in front of a crowd, learning to tap into your emotions and doing it on command are vital with being an actor. Remember, acting is a profession. You have to work hard at it to succeed, just like anything in life.

Things to stop doing? 

* Worrying about "likes" on social media. As a society we have become obsessed with "Likes". Likes do not mean anything. Speaking to people does. Having 5,000 friends on FB means nothing since only 2-4% see your newsfeed, which most times is new "friends" you've made and/or people you normally interact with, based on the algorithm. Think about these things. 

* Watch how/what you post and keep your cool on your social media. This will lose you any opportunity quicker than you realize. If you're troublesome online, people will think you are, a potential pain to deal with on set. Speaking from experience, based on some interactions I've had, I won't work with certain people regardless how "great" they are.

These are just some easy tips to start with to help you break into acting, if that is your goal or dream. These tips are enough to hopefully get you noticed by someone and get you going without feeling overwhelmed. I hope this helps anyone who was looking for guidance.

About me - I got my start over 20 years ago, when working for the Warner Brothers Network. I have written commercials, award winning short films, plus countless blogs, like this one. I have acted, performed and worked hard at honing my craft. I have also given numerous seminars based on these basic tips, plus crowdfunding. Make sure you check out my youtube page 

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