Friday, September 9, 2016

Videos of the week!

Hey gang, lets take a look back at the videos this past week over on the ole' youtube channel. As many know, I am always trying new things and looking for ideas for Dimension Chat. Hopefully, these videos will see you subscribing, laughing, sharing and overall, enjoying the content. Lets take a look, shall we?

This past Wednesday, we saw a new Acting with Andy, as our acting coach, Andy Pyles help shed some light on making us "be better guests at a BBQ". Now, sure, everyone has been invited to a summer BBQ, but I must say, the advice that Andy gave might not be too helpful and frankly, could cost you friends. Well, unless you just "show up, uninvited".

Next, on Thursday, we saw a new Hacky Shack pop up on the channel, and this time, I tried some new material in this quick 60 sec stand up comedy routine. People always ask, why aren't these longer? The best answer I can give? I'm just not funny enough for 2 minutes. I'm trying to give you the feel of watching an older, Tonight Show style set.

Last but not least, we move to the Ultimate, Incredible Family bottle flip challenge. This came about because, like everyone else, we came across a video of a few people making this "bottle flipping" a thing, so we Curt and myself had been challenging each other for about 2 weeks. We would get the others attention, flip and walk away...most times, unsuccessful. Watch as my family cheats me out of the win.

Hope you've enjoyed this recap...and now..go SUBSCRIBE!! Tell your friends and if anything, I hope you smiled.

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