Friday, September 23, 2016

I Compose Your Mid Life Crisis Survival Guide

It seems everyone hits that period in there life when we begun to question our own existence. It usually happens around 35 yrs old, but sometimes it can happen later. When you think of "midlife" you think of the middle of your lifespan. Being 46, I can only assume my mid life has already happened. While I didn't have much of a mid life crisis, I can certainly relate to questioning "why" on most accounts. 

Why do things cost so much now? What kind of language are the kids speaking? Why is everything blurry when I look at it? These are probably the age old questions I'm asking here.

On this week's Acting with Andy, our resident life guru, Andy Pyles once again offers some solid advice on how to become a film director WITHOUT film school. Yes, you're reading hat right...without the tuition of multiple years of schooling. You to, can become a world famous director like Spielberg, Lucas or apparently, Andy Pyles. So, sit back, watch and learn from the master.

*Keep in mind, this is only a parody and for your benefit and the benefit of others, do not follow any of his advice.

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