Friday, September 16, 2016

Complete Mental Breakdown Caught on Tape!!!

This week, as we approach my 46th birthday, looks like no other. I look in the mirror and I don't recognize the person staring back at me. He looks like he's been through the ringer, so to speak. 

The mentality of, age is just a number, just begins to blend in after a while. We start to question our own mortality. We wonder if we have "all our ducks in a row" so when we pass, we know who gets stuck with all our crap. 

Not to sound bleak, but when we filmed this week's Dimension Chat, things spiraled out of control and I had a bit of a break down...luckily, the cameras were rolling and you get to watch...sickos. 

Also this week, if you missed it, we made the announcement that we will begin production on a new monthly program. This has been in my mind for about a year now. If you remember, I used to host a program called Late Night at the Horror Hotel, which used to be the title of this blog, if you noticed. We were horror hosts and were fortunate to have been in homes all across the country. It was a lot of fun and I have always been drawn back to that type of entertainment and creativity. So, from this, Count Clowny was born. I figure this will be a great way to showcase all of our programming into one show, while still providing weekly content. I imagine you will see even more characters debut plus all the regulars like Acting with Andy, Dimension Chat, Petey Panda and even some eating challenges, plus additional things like horror shorts and fake commercials.

While we are here, we might as well share this week's Acting with Andy. Andy Pyles is a special type of guy. He truly believes he knows everything, except there is a detour between his brain and his mouth. Typically, he ends up saying things he doesn't quite grasp, although he stands behind it all.

This week Andy films his infomercial for "Reviewing Movies" except I'm not sure if Andy knows how to review movies. You'll see that Andy provides info about your entire movie going experience. If you have a blog and you're a movie reviewer, then this dvd is a "Must Buy", or something. Without further ado, here is our boy Andy.

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