Monday, August 1, 2016

When you like things that everyone else hates.

I've noticed over time I've developed this odd taste in things. Movies, television shows, games, hobbies...even food. The problem isn't when you're enjoying it, the problem arises when you become self aware. Do we try to change or just ignore the others and be you?

This is always a tough question as I think, the need to fit in has always been something everyone wants. We are basically taught, this is normal, to blend into society. Now, I'm going to use the "They Live" scenario when everyone has to Obey. I'm simply stating that its ok to be different.

I haven't always felt this way, I almost believe in most cases, you have to wander through life a bit to stumble upon true happiness. There is a huge difference between liking what you like and being a rebel for the sake of drawing attention to how cool you are, in your own world.

Sometimes people like to be different, as an anti-social stand makes them almost accept that not fitting in will be accepted, in some weird, odd way. Sometimes, people can take this to a defensive level, being so outspoken about "no one gets me", when in reality, you just look like an ass and the same people you're taking a stand against, you are in fact, becoming. Standing on a soap box proclaiming that your taste is best, because you don't "sell out" or you're too "extreme" for others is silliness.

I certainly don't think Im much different than anyone else. No different. I just like what I like. Sure, the circles of others that have similar interests couldn't fill a football stadium, but trust me when I say, you're not alone. You have to take the time to seek out others that share enjoy what you enjoy. For fans of anything, sitting alone staring at your most prized figure (action figure for example) is fantastic...almost like you just accomplished something that no one one Earth can relate to. Just know that somewhere, maybe across the ocean, a young dreamer is staring at the same figure, with the same smile, loving the moment too.

The internet can be filled with what YOU choose to fill it with. I, rarely, debate with others about what Friday the 13th movie is best. Which Godzilla suit is the greatest. How choosing the Rob Zombie Halloween over John Carpenter's just just insanity....why? Because everyone likes what they like. Mentally we are all different.

Maybe you like Wonder Woman
I'd rather choose to join Facebook groups that discuss our mutual love for Godzilla. I recently started reading a lot of Reddit ( and trust me, that site isn't everyones cup of tea. Perhaps they're visiting the wrong pages. (If you've never been on the site, its very similar to old school forum pages.) I check out comedy discussions, more about writing comedy. I look at what Tokusatsu shows the other fans are watching in the Ultraman group.

My closing point is simple. Share what you love. Don't dictate your fun based on what others enjoy. Being part of something is great...just make sure you're part of something you really like, not what others like.

Ok kids, thanks for reading.

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