Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tiny House - Could We Make It?

Tiny House - Could We Make It?

The last few weeks, Kim and I have been watching a lot of the Tiny House shows on television. Since I've given up mostly on all TV shows, we have time. We've been wondering...could we do it? When I mention this to others, they simply say NO, but this makes me think that they don't know us too well.

Let's catch you up to speed on what a Tiny House is. Imagine living in 300 square feet. Having all your worldly possessions gone with just a few things left to make you happy. Every nook and cranny of this space is completely used. Walking away from all you've been learned to make life simpler and more importantly, gaining financial freedom while doing it.

Let's look at this a little more serious:

Cost - well, depending on what you want, cost can get up there but let's figure on numbers we've mostly seen for something that will satisfy Kim and I. This number, typically is around $35,000 (this is based on the shows we watch). Look at your house now. Whats the worth? How much are you paying to live this way? Obviously you need a lot, land or a place to drop this tiny house, so factor in this cost also. For water and power (depending if you're using solar panels, which we would) you figure roughly another $100-$200 for a lot or mortgage on a property. The wheels are a big part, because it's mobile and not a permanent fixture, so the land zoning issues are avoided. You will want running water, so you need to come up with a plan for this. Sure, environmentally based toilets are available as are ways to catch rain water and clean it for drinking. If you really wanted to "rough it" you could. We aren't looking to do that. We just know in 8-10 years, we will want to enjoy our later years and simplicity is the way.

Space - this is huge, well..not really. Once our kids move out, it will be Kim and I, as most of our animals are already later in their years, sadly. So how much space is enough? Great question. I can't imagine me being 60 yrs old, wanting to crawl into some tiny space to sleep or in a loft. So we need sleeping space. We need replacing space too. We could do without a tub, so a shower is just fine. A small kitchen is also great, as Kim and I do cook a lot, we hardly use a microwave or need multiple stove burners going. Clothes? Well, I don't have a big problem with this, but Kim does. Kim loves her clothes but I think she would be ok with letting a lot go. A nice deck with a small roof, compete with a grill would also help. We wouldn't be opposed to a small shed (in back of the house) to use seasonally, you know for coats, decorations or whatever too.

Being financially comfortable - This is the biggie. Wouldn't it be nice to be close to retired and actually have money? Imagine what you're paying now and your cost shrinks for living down to $150-300 per month...total!! I know Kim and I want to travel, we want to spoil our grandkids, we want to be able to enjoy ourselves and live life. I will be 45 yrs old in a month, so in 8 yrs, I'll be hitting my prime...haha. This is what makes this the most appealing, more than anything else.

Let's look at this from another angle. Society is breaking down, weather you want to believe it or not. I struggle everyday to even just go to the store as dealing with rude and obnoxious behavior just is expected now. People have 0 manners. Kids are terrible (maybe I'm sounding like a cranky old man) and parents will not enforce rights from wrongs. Parents pass the blame and expect teachers or the TV to raise their kids. So, does moving away from cramped areas really sound that bad now? I don't need to move to the middle of no where but moving 30 mins from town wouldn't be the worst thing. Smelling fresh air, being able to live and have some elbow room would be great (plus I'm only gonna get crankier).

Anyways, this is our dream, regardless of how Tiny it is. Don't worry, you'll all be invited to our yard sale. Unplug, go be social and love the ones you're with.

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