Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Hauls of the Week! (Sept 27) DVD's, Bluray's, Tattoo's Plus What Did I Build??

Our Hauls of the Week! (Sept 27) DVD's, Bluray's, Tattoo's Plus What Did I Build??

Greetings and a howdy from the Dimension compound. Hopefully your week is going great. Like many, I have been caught up in the Pope visit. Its one of those things that I'm just enjoying watching on TV, not in person. A lot of people down in Philly and I'm just happy sitting at home, minus all the crowds.

OK, let's get to the horror:

Mine/Kim's tattoo's
On Sept 18th, I turned an elderly 45 years old. While it still doesn't register as being 5 years away from 50, I have just been enjoying life, especially this past year (probably the best year of my life). For this years birthday, I had decided to take the artwork that Godzilla designer/artist Shinji Nishikawa sketched for us at Monster-Mania and make it a tattoo. I called my boy, Buz Hasson from Explosion Tattoo down in New Castle, Delaware and give him the lowdown and he was happy to hook me up. After 3 hours of sitting in the chair, Godzilla is now permanently on my arm. You can also see, Kim got the Little Godzilla sketch tattoo'd on her arm also. We are both extremely happy and already made appointments for November to go back.

Let's move on tho the loot...I haven't been grabbing much as we are prepping for Monster-Mania in Hunt Valley, MD next weekend and we just had "back to school" shopping (and thats never cheap for a 15 yr old). I am, however super happy with what I did grab:

Spaced Invaders, The Deadly Spawn, Mad Monster Party, Return of the Swamp Thing and The Stuff. As you can tell, my tastes have changed for this month and I'm watching more schlocky horror stuff. More like B movies, especially when you add Swamp Thing into the mix.

Speaking of Swamp Thing, I've really been watching a lot of the older USA series. It's like Hammer Horror's drunken, more immature brother....sort of.

I feel like the best deal I grabbed was Mad Monster Party, especially since that's typically $20 Bluray that I've stared at tons of times debating if I was gonna grab it. This time it was only $7!! Super happy and excited.

Let's talk arts and crafts....the last few years I have been all about making things out of nothing. Cardboard, glue, foam, old crap that we don't want or need and stuff from the dollar store. I have expressed my love for Drawless animation and even used some in Mortimor Tromblay (now available)

I had made a Power Rangers helmet from cardboard and it was too small to fit my melon. I decided, hey, let's cut it up and see what happens. I took an old mailing tube, glued it to some cardboard and made myself a stand.

Then, I took some foam that Kim was using (as she has been trying to make

a Godzilla suit to cosplay in...that still hasn't happened). One of her earliest attempts was just sitting and instead of wasting the foam, I hacked, cut and started to glue it together. I decided to make some sort of puppet monster thing...kind of feeling it out as I went. If you follow the pictures, you can see it kind of taking some shape. This is my 1st attempt at building my own puppet. Weird right? Considering I use puppets and all kinds of oddities in my films.

I finished the shape and now need spikes and more actual shape plus, I ordered latex and some cheese cloth for look and feel. They came yesterday (Saturday) but I had already started on a new project so it got put on the back burner. Not for long, but at least a few days.

You can see some shape based off the silhouette that we are on our way but I have a lot of work to do still. Latex isn't cheap and since this is my 1st, I don't want to waste it. I will keep people updated as things progress.

I plan on updating again this week with what else I made. I'm proud of this one but figured I can do some videos and a discuss a bit more in-depth. Take care and enjoy your week!!

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