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Our Haul of the Week! Sept 7th

Our Haul of the Week! Sept 7th

Mazinger, Mad Max & Tee Fury shirt
Another week goes by and more stuff has been had. Sadly I haven't written much here (been about a week) as our schedule has been hectic and we've been doing some remodeling at our home. There is something about painting that I just don't like. Its not refreshing or relaxing...it's a nuisance.

While I'm sitting here watching Haikaider, I'm reminded just how awful the dubbing is. Tokyo Shock released some great titles but their dubbing? Yuck. Ok, enough about that, let's get to the loot.

Rider shirt and Famous Monsters!

First, as you can see by the above photo, I
grabbed a few shirts this week. I continue to grab some t-shirts from overseas of less accessible merchandise for series I just love, as the US typically doesn't carry much. I grabbed a real slick Masked Rider t shirt that I absolutely love, plus a Mazinger Z shirt. Mazinger stuff is hard to come by here. Not much around and Masked Rider..pftt, forget about it.

Plus, from TeeFury, which I recommend people to check out, I grabbed this Muppets as the Fantastic Four shirt. It's no secret that I love the Muppets...LOVE them. This was a must buy for me. Tee Fury is a place that has a new shirt everyday. The shirts usually run about $12 each. Lots of cool ideas and concepts.

Ok, let's get to this right now. I grabbed Mad Max: Fury Road because of all the hype I had seen everyone posting. Sure, I'd seen all the priors and knew this was basically part 4, even though it could work as a stand alone. Maybe it was overhyped for me...but, wasn't a fan*. I bought this "blind" (term I use when buying something I haven't seen before) and regret it. I will watch it again just to see what I missed, but I was bored a bit. On the other hand, I saw Turbo Kid and LOVED it. (The additional of a song from the soundtrack of Rad completely may have swayed my opinion)

* internet implodes

More t shirts you ask? You damn right. I always seem to be buying and wearing Famous Monsters t shirts and hoodies. They have great quality and the art work (most times from Bob Eggleton) is just amazing. They have been doing limited sales on shirts, and for just $12 each, its hard to pass up.

This time we grabbed the Godzilla 2014 print and we just love it.

Also, our newest issue of Famous Monsters came in the mail. I was so happy to see the Bride of Frankenstein on the cover. I just love that movie and find her so attractive. The black and white, plus the time, just bring out natural beauty. Can't wait to read this one.

I have started looking for older Japanese anime movies and series and I snagged a copy of Fist of the
NorthStar on VHS. Yes...VHS!!! Look, there is something about watching these older films on VHS that just take me back to remembering why I love these movies. I could talk a lot about VHS and why I still love it...why I still have multiple VHS players in my house and still collect and buy VHS. The cost for this classic....$3. Best $3 I ever spent...already watched it twice. I love these older anime series, they're just so over the top and insane.

Lastly, on the Godzilla front, lets discuss what we grabbed this week. How about that new NECA Godzilla 1954, wow, what a tremendous sculpt and detail. This is my favorite figure they've released yet. I love the design. Just look at this bad boy!! So glad we grabbed him.

We also grabbed the rerelease of the CCP Godzilla Vinyl Wars, Godzilla from the Smog Monster. This is an action pose and such a fantastic color and really has personality. This is a little steeper in cost but a great addition to any collection. Both of these were grabbed by Vampire Robots and once agin, I highly recommend Michael, he's great. Super fast shipping and great pricing.

That's it for this week and hopefully you did yourself right, grabbed something and spent time with someone you care about. For me, it was Godzilla and my family. Enjoy and keep checking back as I'm always writing something!!

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