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The Great Kaiju Hunt #1 (Aug 15, 2015)

The Great Kaiju Hunt #1

It's A Toy Store

Greetings and welcome to the 1st edition of the Great Kaiju Hunt. My Wife, Kim and I decided to enjoy the near 90 degrees, hot summer day by riding around in a car, traveling over to New Jersey and visiting local nerdery toy stores and bringing you along for the fun.

Since we live in Pennsylvania, we figured we wouldn't drive out too far and would start relatively close. Our 1st destination would be House of Fun in Oaklyn, NJ.

I've actually been to House of Fun a few times and always seem to grab something. Obviously since this is the "Great Kaiju Hunt" we were looking for Kaiju, but they have TONS of everything. Vintage to new, Star Wars to Transformers, they have it all. I'm a fan of Tokusatsu, Sentai and Kaiju, so for me they have enough to keep me coming back, spending $30-50 a week for the next 5 years. The store is a collectors dream. They have one glass display that is specific to Kaiju with plenty of Godzilla, Ultraman and more.

Gamera I wanted :(
As soon as Kim walked in and I showed her the display, she instantly started to decide what to didn't take any time at all. I started to eye up a Gamera while she went for the S.H. Monster-Art 1995 Godzilla from Godzilla vs Destroyah. Recently, I've started to fall in love with Gamera, specifically the design from Gamera 3. The suit, the look, absolutely love the overall scheme of design. Sadly, we lack a Gamera presence here at the Ole' Dimension collectors bin so we are in need of some Gamera, but today, Kim had other plans.

They also have a great variety of T-shirts including Marvel, DC and my main man, Big G. Since I've been losing a little around the waistline, I need some new shirts and lucky, they had my size! Once Kim made up her mind on what to grab, we were all set and took a few new shirts and the 95' Godzilla home...sorry Gamera, you'll be mine....soon.

A small example of the madness!
Next we stopped for lunch, I opted for Salad Works while Kim continued to eat horrible...she's the devil when you're on trying to eat good. After about 30 mins on the road, we finally arrived to It's A Toy Store and it's overwhelming to say the least. As soon as you pull up, you realize it's something special.

You have to understand that this is literally a house full of toys. No room is empty, the entire house is filled to the brim of vintage to current toys, comics and collectibles. It's incredible for any toy fan. Again, you have to go slow, take your time and really look at everything or you will miss items. Kim and I took our time and probably spent and hour and half in this house. It's 2 levels of pure childhood happiness.

Sadly, they did lack Kaiju items (only a handful) but we did happen to find a small set of Godzilla figures that caught Kim's eye. These were similar to Gashapon but were from China and obviously a knock off. Most are translucent with a few highlighted colors with a few additional foes. It was a 10 piece set and well worth the $20 we paid. I've stopped collecting everything else besides an occasional Horror item or two and just seeing this place was well worth the trip. We are both so glad we went.

Our loot!!
After all was said and done, we gathered our loot, only to come home to a few more items we had ordered, so the day was topped off by my Robocon shirt I ordered from Thailand, the BluRays of Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl and Samurai Princess (to keep up with my current viewing trend). Needless to say Kim and I are both super happy with our purchases and as soon as we finished with the v-log, Kim tore open the 95' Godzilla...haha..such a kid at heart.

Enjoy the v-log, please subscribe and spread the goodness. We will start doing this more often! Happy hunting!!

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