Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Art of Presentation

The Art of Presentation

Earlier today I posted about a convention not providing something as simple as a table cloth to make the vendors area have some sort of conformity and look professional. The post was received well enough that I realized I'm not alone in believing that some promoters misuse the term "Convention" instead of their glorified flea market. Then it got me thinking, why don't people make presentation the best they can, after all, if it's your project, it relates to how professional you take yourself and how you want to be viewed.

Ok, so I'll let you in on how truly serious I take releasing a film, including the presentation. If you were a supporter of our latest film Mortimor Tromblay, I honestly try to make the entire DVD something special. From the color of the actual DVD case, making sure they're wrapped nicely, plus a clear, full color cover and even a thank you note.

Often, instead of the plain black DVD case, I look at what color I can make the case, just to help match lettering or a color on the cover art. With Mortimor, I went with yellow as I felt it looked the best. Then, I made sure there cover art, after Brian Mitchell created it, was printed on a glossy stock so it stands out and the colors pop. I can't deal with less than top standard quality. I try to take everything into account and make the best product possible.

This time around I even spent additional money on getting Thank You cards to put inside each dvd case. I wanted those who supported to know how much we cared and appreciated them. It's important to let those know, who help you, realize how important they are.

Obviously the movie and content have to be top notch. Now, sure I could take easy short cuts, but I try my best not too. We filled this DVD to the brim with extras. The film itself, a teaser trailer, another episode of our documentary series and commentary, plus some behind the scenes and a video diary I shot that explained what was happening prior too and right after filming.

Now, back to the table cloth situation.....well, you know how when you go to a flea market and you can haggle prices? Its because most of the vendors their don't look professional. Most are unloading unwanted items and will make deals...and buyers know it. When you go to a convention, if you resemble someone at a flea market, people will not take you serious...and possibly think what you're selling is unwanted and maybe even junk. This falls on the event organizer, who either doesn't take the event serious enough to take pride in how they present the show to you the consumer or is cheap or just lazy. Why would you want to deal with anyone like that?

If you're a vendor, I always recommend to bring your own table cloth. Dress nice and look like you're ready to speak to people (don't just stare at your phone). Be outgoing by welcoming everyone who comes to your table. Make sure your signs are clear and all items are priced. Carry yourself like a professional and you will be treated that way. The last thing you want is anyone to come to your table and say "Can I give you $5 for this?", holding your newest DVD release that's $15.

This will go into anything you offer from your latest movie, to your new t-shirt line, event yourself. Taking pride, being serious and upholding a higher standard will get you positive attention and people will take you serious. Hope you enjoyed, take care and be your best!

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