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Our DVD Hauls of the Week! Aug 23rd

Our DVD Hauls of the Week! Aug 23rd

Hey gang, another week here at the Dimension compound and this week, we did some shopping for DVD's, Blurays and an exciting Manga. We were supposed to do a video blog, but to be honest, the weather was absolutely fantastic outside so Kim and I spent most of it hiking and walking, just enjoying it. I'm still not tan...but anyways...lets look at this week's list:

First, Kim and I have been talking lately about the old Hanna-Barbera Godzilla Cartoon with Godzooky, so for less than $5 for the first volume, it seemed like an easy decision to try this series again. Now, Volume 2 is just $8, so I would expect that this coming week, because between you and me, it's already in my Amazon cart.

I can't remember a lot of about the series, besides it's goofy and aimed at a seven year old me. Hanna Barbera never let's me down, so I'm excited. Here's some trivia, did you know Godzooky is actually Godzilla's nephew? See that, I actually passed along something valuable you can use around the water cooler to trump those talking worldly issues. So, it the more you know.

Next, we decided to start replacing some of our old, and to be honest, less than stellar copies of the Gamera Volumes 1 & 2 and the original Gojira. A lot of the versions we own are the bargain bin, multiple movies on a single dvd. Again, these were each less than $10 for the bluray's so these certainly don't break the bank. This week we really didn't spend much for as much as we got back in return.

Since I've been on a massive Gamera viewing tear lately, grabbing the originals, broken into two volumes weighed heavily on my mind. I can't help but want to start watching more of everyones favorite Turtle immediately.

Ok, besides those pesky Ninja Turtles.

The copy of Gojira I had was also very outdated. The new bluray transfer with all the bells and whistles for less than $10 again was a tremendous offer. This disc is loaded with features I want to check out including commentary, making of the suit and some story development details. Can't wait to sink my monster teeth into this one.

Nakajima-san at Monster-Mania
Up next, Varan the Unbelievable. Ok, lets clear up some confusion about this title. This was the last black and white film Toho filmed, originally titled Giant Monster Varan. There are two different cuts of this Kaiju film floating around. The US version is heavily edited, clocking in at just 70 minutes, while the Japanese version is 87 uncut minutes. What makes me love this film even more? Haruo Nakajima of course. The original Godzilla!!

Years ago I had a copy of the Japanese cut but wanted to check out the American version and again, just $9.99. Certainly, not gonna break the bank and I've been on a kaiju watching and buying frenzy, as of late.

Rounding out this week's haul were two titles to add to the Japanese splatter gore section: Samurai Princess and RoboGeisha. If you've been reading lately, I recently wrote about how much I love RoboGeisha and well, Noboru Iguchi. Frankly, for me not to own RoboGeisha just seems wrong, silly and a travesty to being a fan. Ok, maybe I'm a bit exaggerated in this, but you get the picture.

Samurai Princess I have yet to see, but from the reviews, it looks like I needed to own this one. I will be adding this to my watching list this week.

Lastly, let's move from DVD's and Bluray's and discuss this week's Amercian release of the 2011 Japanese Ultraman manga series. The series picks up several years after the original Ultraman series and follow Hyata and now, his son plus even Dan Moroboshi from Ultraseven appears in this series. If you're a fan of Ultraman, I think this is a must buy.

Once again, thanks for checking out the blog, you can follow me on Twitter @RobDimension and stay tuned as I continue to write about the adventures as fall is upon us. Go outside and enjoy the week!!

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