Thursday, August 13, 2015

Keeping Positive & Some Advice?

Keeping Positive & Some Advice?

Trust me, before we even start, it's impossible to always be positive. Life throws some serious curve balls and sometimes you will feel abandoned, alone or betrayed. It's during those moments that we all have to mourn and move on and realize the sun does rise and shine another day. I wanted to offer some things that I do or have done to help me keep a fresh outlook:

Start eating better - Food...this can alter your mood dramatically. Eating healthy can clear your mind and help creativity. I have more energy, sleep better and notice I want to write more. Its amazing how once I cut all the processed foods and fast food garbage out of my diet, things became clear and less cloudy. Sure, you have to indulge and eat some crap sometimes but the benefits outweigh the "cravings". When eating bad, I wrote less, moved less and wanted to sleep more. Now I want to create and have fun. It works..I promise.

Stop watching the news - Ok, sure we all need the news in our life but trust me when I say this...most of the news is trash. I don't care about these other families or most of the TMZ style news reporting, I care more about my own family and whats good in my own community. Fear and controversy equal ratings...positivity does not. Its the truth. So stay away from the news, or watch what really matters. You'll be happier you did. Go for a walk, go enjoy the sunshine and live your life.

Choose better friends & limit Social Networking - Yep, coming from someone who claims to be a social networking guru, I am in fact telling you to limit social media. For many its an obsession and at times, I fall into the same trap, but I now seem to post and walk away. I post less, interact less and spend more time with my family. People don't really care what you're eating, doing or hanging with. They care if YOU care what THEY are doing. Hey, someone has to tell you the truth. I go on in the morning, maybe around lunch and then at night. Typically, unless someone messages me or posts on my wall, I don't see much anymore.

Go Outside - Go outside, go for a walk and enjoy the air. Regardless where you live, you can get yourself to a nice park. Sit outside and clear your mind, let the natural vitamins help you and refresh you. Sitting inside can lead to boredom, sleep, snacking, being lazy. Even if you're sitting on a bench, next to a nice lake, surrounded by natural surrounding, you will be happier. It's amazing what just some fresh air can do. I've started to walk around my town and taking the longest way, actually getting some sort of work out, by just being active. I've noticed I started taking pictures and learning more about our town...been here for 17 years and learning more now than ever.

Anyways, those are some tips that help me...they might not help you, but I wanted to exercise my brain by writing and doing something. Now, I'll eat a lunch and then head out for the day. Enjoy life, its the only one we get!


  1. Great tips! Lord knows, I need all the help I can get. P.S. I so didn't know you blogged. The more you know. ;)