Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kaiju Grabs of the Week!

Kaiju Grabs of the Week!

This week was a bit slow coming off the huge Monster-Mania scores from 2 weeks ago but I figured I'd share what I was fortunate to grab this week.

First, I was over excited and headed out to the comic shop unaware that the release date for Godzilla In Hell #2 was next week instead of this week, but I grabbed the variant cover from Jeff Zornow anyways. While there I pre ordered the Ultraman manga, by Viz due out next week plus all variant covers of the Godzilla in Hell series...what the hell? (pun)

Next, since my Wife absolutely loves Little Godzilla, it seemed appropriate to grab this super deformed, chibi style Little Godzilla. This was an import, but for only $9 shipped from Tokyo, it seemed like a good deal and easily made my Wife's day. Problem solved. Not gonna lie, its super cute and she will love it.

Lastly, I had seen Ultra-Acts for a while now at cons and different comic shops. I'm a huge Ultraman fan but I'm not entirely sure why I didn't pull the trigger sooner. I really enjoy the Revoltech line, even recently grabbing Booska and I've had several in the past, but I figured it was time to make my first purchase. Sadly, I can't offer much insight to any details like articulation or anything as he's still in the box.

I had to go original Ultraman. The cost wasn't major and he actually looks great (through the box). Now, I need to make sure that grabbing these doesn't become a weekly thing, as my LCBS has plenty and a good variety. Mainly, I already eyed up Ultraman Tiga, but I also love Ultra 7 so who knows.

Until next time, that's my Kaiju Grab of the Week.

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