Monday, August 10, 2015

Feeling Better and Being Better

Feeling Better and Being Better

About 2 months ago I was in big trouble and didn't know it. I was driving in Philly and felt like I was gonna pass out. My hands and feet were hot and tingling....this is when I thought "Houston, we have a problem". Boy, was I right.

I immediately called my wife and said I think it's time to go to the doctors. I'm never someone who will complain, I typically just live with whatever is happening. Calling her, sent out immediate alarms for her and she quickly realized something was wrong. She met me at the doctors and this would be the news that would alter my life.

"Your blood pressure is so high, you're about to have a stroke."

I was blown away. Nearing age 45, the last thing I would want is to never see my grandkids, not see my kids marry someone who is special to them, not be able to spend the rest of my life with my wife. Not accomplish what I still have goals for. This was the moment I was scared straight.

My weight was out of control (nearing 240lbs.). I was having headaches everyday plus eating whatever I wanted. Let's face the real facts...high blood pressure has a history in my family, as does obesity. I was falling into the trap and about to become a statistic.

In my life, I started to take health very seriously in my early 30's, even going as far to be in the best
shape of my life. Wearing a size 31 waist pants, weighing around 160 and having abs!!! Sadly, life gets in the way, we lose sight of things and for me, depression set in. Depression spiraled me out of control...I didn't turn to drugs, I turned to food. I became lazy, lost and miserable.

It took, nearly losing my family to snap out of it. Fast forward to becomes the opposite..I was complacent and just loving life, but sadly, that almost cost me life.

When your life flashes before your eyes, its a wake up call. At least for me. No more more more bullshit. I immediately changed my eating habits. I limited carbs (eating only the right carbs), stopped eating red meat and dairy. Stopped sugar, snacks and processed food. Replaced garbage with fruits and vegetables each and every day. It's easy to say "I'm gonna" or "tomorrow it starts". Don't put things off until tomorrow. Live for today.

Today, we are 8 weeks later, I'm 30 lbs down, getting closer to being off blood pressure medication all together and living each and everyday to my fullest. I walk and lightly jog daily. I work out and take care of myself. I park further from stores to make the extra walk. I take the stairs. As for food...if I don't make it (basically) I don't eat it. Food preparation is always happening.

This is the point...if I can do can do it. You can be can be healthy. 


  1. Thank god you stopped eating diary. I mean, I think reading one would be bad enough, but to eat them? Can't be good for you. :) Glad you're doing better. I will continue my Slurpee binge until I am in the coffin.

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