Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Becoming static.

Becoming Static - You have to wonder: who reads what we write? You post something online, where it remains forever, but who stumbles upon it? Who feels like you do?

The flood of social media platforms allow people to share opinions, creativity and anything that is on their mind. Who see's it? I've noticed that these same forms we all enjoy to share our opinions are the same platforms that are making us static. Clever status' with opinions used to drum hits, them meme's, then videos...whats next? Does anyone read or do we want to just watch?

We all have become self entitled and empowered. Social media has made us this way. We can praise a movie, tweet our bad meal experience, share or latest moment or jot down something that makes us wonder. Is this same self entitlement going unnoticed now? Are we just becoming background noise?

Lately, I've been having these thoughts of deleting it all and going bad into the stone age. I already cut out watching the news. I try to avoid the hype or paranoia that the media creates, but I wonder if social media is seeping into our minds, creating the same paranoia.

When you post something...maybe we make it mean something instead of sharing each and every moment. Maybe we need to live in that moment instead of thinking others care. Maybe they don't.

I have been adding a static TV to my films lately, as I feel it speaks volumes as what we've become.

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