Monday, April 27, 2015

Where Am I Creatively?

Where Am I Creatively?

It's been a while since I've written on here. It's odd how things in your life that are important just get pushed to the side to make room for other things. I mean, sure writing is important and I'm still writing but it's mostly revolving around film projects. I'v been watching a lot of movies that deal with small creatures (Critters, Ghoulies & Munchies to name a few) and that seems to be attracting a lot of my attention and ideas begin to swirl. I've been digging deep into the vaults of Horror and Sci-fi to see all I can see. 

I started to think "What is next for me?". Sure, Mortimor Tromblay is next on my plate and I feel its a step in a good direction. As much as I love horror, I need to explore other ideas and try different avenues. Mortimor will be unlike anything I've done in there past and its exciting for me to be creative but I can't help but think of a few things:

1. - Is it time to make a feature? 

2. - What the hell am I doing?

As you can see, quite the conundrum. Plenty of options out there and plenty of support. Can I be honest? I think I'm in a good place creatively and feel ready to tackle a feature film. Something that, again, is outside the box and unfamiliar. Sure, doubt is there but also some sort of positivity is there also. I have a strong feeling of attraction towards the odd and weird. Life doesn't always make sense and neither should thoughts and ideas. I was raised on Sid and Marty Krofft, in fact, my newest logo is based on their logo. I have no idea why this style is currently attractive to me, but for some reason, it just makes sense. 

Before you, no drugs are involved in my recent viewing's just my current thought process. Maybe I'm just having fun. I'm no longer worrying about the news or things that I have no control of. I spend time with my family and we do what we want. Not self entitled, just self aware. Not worrying about the judgmental, just enjoying life.

The idea of creatures and things we don't know about is what's fascinating, at least for filmmaking ideas. The thought that I was transported back in time with Land of the Lost or even flying through space in the Lost Saucer. Enjoying the beach with Sigmund or singing along with the Banana Splits just seems perfect today. I hope everyone will follow along, enjoy the day and take a minute to watch or try something new. 

I wanted to write I did. Enjoy!

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