Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Podcast for 2015!

New Podcast for 2015!

Started in 2011

I started podcasting on my own network in early 2011...whew...seems like forever ago. I started as a Horror-ible podcast, went to the XOC with Steve Corino and the recent bunch of shows with Matt Barnes on the Shock and Wrestling. 

I like to think I was ahead of the curve when it comes to podcasting. We started with a cheap microphone being held up by a cup...(legit) and I moved forward to increase production through trial and error. I love looking back at the evolution. 

That being said, I, myself am always evolving. I tend to lean towards comedy and talking about passion. Over time my passion changes, my happiness changed. Right now, I'm as happy as I've ever been. I have worked hard to make films, be creative and keep working towards the future. 

Where does this leave us now? On Dec 31st, I realized I am once again evolving. I'm tired of lack of effort on some things in my creative output. The podcast sometimes suffers because I don't plan ahead and prepare. That needs to change. I no longer want to "wing it" and hope for something good to come from it. Most podcasts do that. I'm better than that.

As much as I love wrestling...I hate talking about it. I LOVE filmmaking and being creative. It's my passion and what makes me happy. I love developing ideas from paper to putting them as content online or in film form. Doesn't matter if it's audio or visual. I just want to create.

Where am I now? Well, as I was editing the latest podcast I messaged Matt and said "we need to change". I hated the last episode. It was just lazy...I know it take balls to admit to yourself that you're putting out lazy, un motivated material but I'm my toughest critic. I would rather talk about what I love and have listeners that are truly invested in what we are discussing, then have people tune in to hear me shit on how bad Raw was. It just doesn't satisfy me and as producer and it's not fair to you.

I have some ideas I'm working on for something new. Some new ideas and content. A better way to produce things and want to capture passion again. It's no longer going to be me venting about hate and rehashing the truth, but more about discovery. Hopefully, you guys will be more inclined to listen and be part of it. 

Thanks again for listening. 

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