Friday, January 9, 2015

Never forget who you are.

Never forget who you are.

Never forget who you are. Over time I've learned who I am. Like everyone I have faults. I'm abrasive,  not an ass kisser, outspoken but I'm genuine and I will always go out of my way to give someone credit they deserve. 

Sometimes people mistaken hate for being a realist. Sometimes you have to cut the cord with some as they prove themselves to be an opportunist. Life is, sadly, sometimes about who you know over what you know. As a filmmaker I should be more of a "politic". I can politic with the best of them, admittedly, but a bad connect is a bad connection. 

My goal is to give props to every person who does great. To avoid those who just follow...look to your goal...YOUR goal...and grab it. Learn to be independent and accept's life. Enjoy the roller coaster of experience.  

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