Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life in 2014 and what I've learned

Life in 2014 and what I've learned

This is when I look back to 2014 and recollect all the good. 2014 was a fantastic year...honestly. Life, friends and projects went great. My mind was opened and I found, me. I don't believe in making "Best of" or "Worst of" lists...after all, they're all opinions.  

I look back and realize as the year went on, I became more introverted as I became more busy. Online life became lower and lower on my "to do" list, daily. I wrote more, I created more and I felt invigorated. My interests shifted. I am discovered myself. My style changed. I have grown. I let hate go and removed those who have yet to discover what's important.

I look forward to releasing Rabbit Hole as well as Boob Tube in March and I know, they won't be for everyone and I'm 100% comfortable with that. I appreciate all the support and love I have received. I was able to work with great people like Mike O'Mahony, Adam Ahlbrandt, Matt Barnes (who has become my partner in multiple ventures this year and a great friend), Combat Zone Wrestling and so many other impactful and loving people. 

Professional Wrestling had left my life, but 2014 it returned. My son started his own Journey. I realized how much I love being behind the camera. I loved being able to create and "make things happen". I thank those who have believed in me and my visions and/or odd thoughts. 

Discovery was my biggest accomplishment in 2014. Life is what you make of it. I wrote several scripts, ideas and things that interested me. I realized creating isn't about what others what, its about what YOU want. I grew in 2014 and I look forward to 2015 as I plan to push forward and make for me. I hope you are there.

Thank you!

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