Monday, October 27, 2014

PRO-fessional Wrestlers Starter Set list (or any small business owner)

PRO-fessional Wrestlers Starter Set list
(or any small business owner)

This past weekend I was told I'm too old school, so I sat and tried to wrap my head around that statement. Lets start with this - if you are in ANY independent business where YOU are the spokesperson, what do you need? I have been my own boss several times in my lifetime in fact, even now, as a filmmaker, I am on my own (more or less) and I'm the one who is responsible for how I present myself and my products. 

Let's start with what should be a "no brainer". 

1. Lets start with YOU and your appearance. How do you carry yourself and by 1st impressions, what will others think of you? Well, if you start this answer with "I don't care...I know me." Ugh, then you're in trouble. Do you look professional? After all, you say you are a "Professional", so for starters, you should at least look like one. Now I understand an entire suit at times can be a little much, but would it kill you to wear nice pants, a nice shirt and maybe a suit jacket? Remember, you are trying to show others that you are different than the audience. You are an attraction. If you look like a "regular" guy, why on earth would anyone want to pay you like a professional? Remember, this is even before you step to the ring. Also, if you say "They'll pay me once they see me"...again..ugh.

2. Business cards, how I love thee. I can't tell you how inexpensive business cards are and how much more professional they make you look. Lets say Vince McMahon comes to your little indy show and says "Frankie Spots, I want to hire you have a card?" ", but you can add me on FB or give me a follow Vin." You see how insane and awful that sounds? Having a glossy 2 sided business card is fantastic. Have your logo, your contact email, your pages and on the opposite site, maybe a nice photo with a small bio. 1st impressions people!!

3. A great website would really look fantastic, you know? Again, a small investment that can make you stand out against others. A domain through is less than $15 a year. Plus, plenty of free sites are out there and so simple to use. Instead of sharing everyone straight to social media, write a recap of the weekend and share THAT on social media. Mention others you performed with, mentioning the company, showing that YOU are a leader and take it serious. Have your next appearance dates, merchandise and even some matches available so people can check them out. Also, update it regularly. I can't stress this takes 0 time to just create a blog entry. 

A website doesn't limit what people see. The public is looking for content to read and watch, its what we ALL do. YOU can give them that and therefore build an audience that might leave their sofa and come watch you and buy your merchandise. If you respond "I'm not good at it", then start to take it serious and learn. Its simple to create a basic site. 

Now, obviously I could list more, but lets not overload your senses and make this simple. Later I will add youtube page, a banner to hang at your merchandise table, what and what not to share on Social Media and more.

Now, am I old school or just expecting more from professionals? 

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