Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to handle yourself on social media

How to handle yourself on social media

Here we are, another day of discussing the every changing world of social media. I often try to help others that are looking to advance themselves on how to handle themselves on all forms of social media. This is a reoccurring problem for many and can even result in losing a potential advancement in your career. 

First, lets be honest, you need to know how to promote things properly. When promoting, you have to  understand, it can't be all about YOU. There are ways to promote your site, your happenings and even events you are attending or preforming at. Let's look at 2 examples of the same point, with different approaches:

The wrong way - "Great shit tomorrow. Come see me at _________. I'm gonna tear it up. Lets fuck stuff up"

The right way - Tomorrow, can't wait for __________. Should be a blast and hoping you will join me. Details ______________."

Now, you might say, come on Rob, who talks like the 1st example? Look around, it's everywhere. Learn humility and the proper way to speak. No one wants to follow an idiot or support one. Sure, the argument can be made that many stars are less than stellar, but become a leader, not a follower. Learn that people will follow positivity, as long as you are sincere in your attempts.

The world wants information. Your friends and followers want to be lead and, in most cases, they want to be supportive. You just have to give them the opportunity and be the example, be the leader. I often try to be as civil and as positive as I can be when representing myself online. Remember, you might get one time to make that 1st impression and you want to build a fan base. Make sure you support others, the support will be returned to you.

Other things to avoid? Trolls!! Oh man, I could write a huge blog about how to "fight the good fight" but in almost all cases, it's not worth it. On Twitter, I have made it a habit to block people, almost daily. The internet is full of people who will criticize you, if you're in the public eye, get used to it. Be better, block and move on. Have I gotten in heated online battles? Of course...but does it ruin my day? No. Honestly, it just could turn others off and in the long run, its not worth it. 

So there you go....what did we learn today? Don;t make it about you, support others and stay positive.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! Remember, before you click update, think "would I follow me?"

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