Monday, September 22, 2014

Hard to keep up...where you been?

Hard to keep up...where you been? I've been seriously!! My life over the last several months has been nonstop...hey, good thing, right? Sure. 

My life isn't normal..what ever that is. It's hectic. This past summer, my son, Rob and I spent a majority of the summer months on the road, in my car. Matt and I have been filming a lot and editing!! 

I was pitched an idea to to film some of my son's training to become a professional wrestler. This has become a documentary and that has been great and rewarding. Being able to see the lengths he's gone through over the last 4 months has been great. Reigniting my love for wrestling has also been fun. For those who don't know, I've taken a position within Combat Zone Wrestling handling some of their creative and production. This has occupied a good deal of time but also allows me to remain creative. 

What does that mean? Well, it has hurt my own personal production some. I finally realized I need to dedicate some time to myself, daily to continue to creative process in filmmaking. Some one asked "Why do you always talk about movies?" My honest answer "Its my passion." It's truly where my heart is. Some people want different things in life.....I was recommended several years ago, when I was going to therapy to write a list of the top 3 things in my life, based on importance. So I did that list - 

1. My Family 
2. Filmmaking
3. Wrestling

Then I was told, look at that list and see if those who you listed would include you on their list. Man, thats some harsh reality. Sometimes you lose sight of the list, so you must look at the order and make decisions to keep things in check. Over the summer, somethings on the list got shifted around, but then I woke up and made changes and here I am. 

What does this entire blog mean? It just means that my goals and dreams are still down that hallway...I still see the light. I still see my dreams. 

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