Friday, June 20, 2014

Social Media Changes

Social Media Changes

Hey guys, Rob here with some useful info on how you should change the way you handle your social networking. Back in January I shed light on how Facebook would change its algorithm on your "fan pages", plus your own personal pages. I'm here to, hopefully point you in the right direction when it comes to getting the most out of your online experiences. 

First, Facebook and Twitter is a free service...key word there is free. You should NEVER rely on anything free, nor should you complain when they take something away from you. Sure, does it suck to have to pay to stay in contact with people and stay undated with pages you like? Yes. Does it stink that now, as a page owner you must spend money to reach your fans or help spread the word about a project or show? Yes. This is your wake up call. This is reality. 

You know when you're a child and you hear "Nothing in life is free"? It's the truth. If you operate a business, make movies, are a wrestler or whatever you do and you do not have a website or other means to stay in contact with your followers and you're relying on a free service that can be taken away at any're playing with fire. Let's be serious, if you don't have a website and you do anything that requires one, you need to rethink your business anyways. Potentially losing it all at the drop of a hat based on your Facebook page reach and trying to get something for nothing would only last so long. 

Even lately on my personal Facebook page I've noticed the algorithm has become worse than it once was. My reach was worse based on thinking "more friends means more reach". Thats a flawed idea...I'll explain:

The more "friends" you have on your Facebook page means more variety of people that your message is going too. Its like Throwing shit on a wall, and seeing what sticks.  You have to thin your friends list down in order to reach the people who matter. Not everyone on your list cares about you, they might have the same philosophy that you do. It's wrong. I would rather pitch my product to 800 people who will, for the most part, see it. Plus, I would know these are the people who care about what I'm doing. 

So, the moral of the story...clear out your friends list. Stay in contact with those who you want too..and it's time to, once again, change the way I market things. If YOU would like to stay in touch, please, fill out the email option at the top right side of this page. I will start using the email option a little more to stay in contact better. Also, please feel free to follow me on Twitter at @RobDimension or on Instagram @RobDimension also. Thanks for reading. 

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