Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Should Be Praising Brock Lesnar!

You Should Be Praising Brock Lesnar!

This past Sunday, Wrestlemania 30 created the ultimate buzz. Professional wrestling icon, The Undertaker placed his undefeated record up against The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar and what happened in that match effected more people than you could imagine. 

Let's talk odds for a minute...the more times to the well, the odds increase that the well will run dry. Undertaker was 21-0; beating anyone and everyone and entertaining millions and millions and creating a security blanket that wrestling fans would snuggle up with every year, with no stop in sight...until Sunday.

Now, let's pull back the curtain of Oz and look at realism. So many people claimed "Brock sucks"..."He changed the script"..."Undertaker should've retired undefeated!!"..."He got beat by a part time wrestler!!". Ok, I understand your feelings are hurt...but here goes some facts:

Brock Lesnar is a legitimate bad ass. Brock Lesnar was hand picked by the Undertaker to end the streak. Brock is as much of a part time wrestler as the Undertaker. The streak was meant to be broken and its the Undertaker's right to choose the path of the character. 

An injury occurred, which can happen when two 300lb monster fight each other. The Undertaker received a serious concussion early in the match, causing the Undertaker to be "lost" and dazed a bit. attention, as this is why you should praise Brock instead of hate Brock Lesnar....

Brock was a true professional and helped the Undertaker finish this match. Brock helped guide and protect the Undertaker for the remainder of the match. Brock gave the Undertaker plenty of rest spots, hoping the Undertaker would get his wits about him. If Brock was the monster you make him out be...why would he do this? Why wouldn't he just be reckless and take full advantage of the Undertaker? Because as much as you hate to admit it, Brock Lesnar is a P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L thats why. Look at this from a team perspective...they entered this match as a team and worked together. When one wasn't able to finish, the other took up the slack and did the right thing. The match was finished as designed and it sparked massive emotions, as it should. Everyone felt the effect.

His name is Brock Lesnar and HE should be praised!!

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