Sunday, April 13, 2014

Winter Soldier...Fun Film, Great Cinematography

Winter Soldier...Fun Film, Great Cinematography

Hey guys, just got back from seeing the new Captain America: Winter Soldier film and I have to say, what an experience. We made the decision to see this in IMAX and really get a grand scale look at the action...completely the best option.

Instead of a normal, paint by the numbers review of Captain America: Winter Soldier I thought I would compliment and highlight the look from a different perspective....visuals.

When I say visuals I mean Cinematography. Cinematography is really a fine art in filmmaking that sometimes is ignored. It really can enhance the viewing experience. Making the background more interesting, creating a full visual experience. Camera movements that create a flow and keep the story progressing, even though nothing, possibly is being said at the time.

In my later years, especially the filmmaking ones, I have really realized the difference between a good film and a great film is not just the story, its so much more. We, the viewer can be sucked into the film with motion, action, tension and even shakiness of camera work and set design. The little details are what can elevate a film. (Keep in mind, this is just my opinion...right or wrong in yours)

Ok, so Winter Soldier will probably never be revered as a filmmaking masterpiece but you what? Why not?? Because its a comic book film? I can honestly say that I felt captivated throughout the entire movie. So much effort was taken into each shot, keeping things moving, working or interesting not just as a focal point. The background design was flawless. The camera movements, while some may say "Unmotivated", really worked to this movies impact.

Hard to believe, I'm looking at a Marvel film with such an open eye, congratulating them on a job well done with everything but the story. The story was great. Great acting, great characters and this, above every other Marvel film I've seen to date, is now at the top of my list. This is why I'm a comic book fan, this is why I love seeing the comics I loved as a child now on screen and this is why I love making movies.

Will the purists love it? No idea...but I had a blast. Hail Hydra!!

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