Friday, April 18, 2014

Peeking in the WWE's Legends House Episode 1

Peeking in the WWE's Legends House Episode 1

Since day one I have been raving about WWE Network and all footage they have been streaming. We have all heard about the original program titled Legends House. Legends House has been in the can for some time and features some of the greatest WWE veterans and Hall of Famers, mostly known from the popular times of wrestling, the 1980's. 

I will admit, I was extremely hesitant about watching this show. One, we all have to think "well, is this scripted?", or "what if this makes our heroes look really bad?" plus, how will this measure up with the other WWE reality based program Total Divas? Total Divas has become one of my favorite shows...something about seeing some drama behind close doors, even if they might be helped in making stories happen. 

One thing you notice early on, these guys still have some sort of bond of brotherhood. Its great too see guys like Tony Atlas, Hillbilly Jim, Pat Patterson (especially as you see him cook) and Howard Finkle run around a tennis court. Plus, seeing Mean Gene is always a great thing, he is someone I feel like added to the 80's more than he gets credit for. Jimmy Hart experiencing old man bladder and Hacksaw Jim Duggan busting Roddy Piper's balls about a not figuring out a blender. It was a fun first episode, and trust me, I was worried about how these guys would be represented. 

This episode featured an appearance by Hollywood actor, Gary Busey. Busey teaches mediation in a very unorthodox style, then sits and talks with the guys..which creates some tense moments. It was interesting to hear Gary drop an analogy about walking away from the spotlight and Piper quickly spun it around and shut him down. The "spotlight" for them is never off.

The stand out moment was towards the end of the episode that shows how off the wall Roddy Piper is. His inability to sit still and pace like a caged animal. What will happen next? All I can say, I enjoyed this episode and felt like it could be a lot of fun. How much truth will be in the show? Who knows...but I will be watching. 

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