Thursday, April 17, 2014

I take a second look at Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

I take a second look at Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem 

I have a love and hate relationship with Rob Zombie. I love the atmosphere he creates but I often feel like he unnecessarily dirties characters that may not need it. Not every killer or victim is white trash or so unorthodox that they would stand out in any crowd. 

In walks Lords of Salem into my life. Now, lets be kind and rewind about 6 months when I first, initially saw this. I never did make it to the movies to see this, as that might have helped my opinion, but we will get to that in a minute. When I first saw Lords of Salem, I literally hated it. I felt it was so vague and was a long dream sequence that had no vision....but I was wrong. I I go again, apologizing to Rob Zombie...

On Tuesday I saw the LoS dvd on sale for $10, me being the completist I am, thought, hey, I should grab it anyways and maybe rematch it. Just like the Lords delivered the record to Heidi in the film, I think I was delivered the dvd. Just like her, I was sucked back into the film...but this time, I did something different. This time I listened to the commentary by Rob Zombie instead of the dialogue. 

Listening to Rob I quickly learned of the issues in making the film. I was captivated by Zombie's honesty about having holes in the script due to not being able to film sequences or a death of an actor. I loved hearing how he set up at a prop shop, used doors to no where and made shots with lighting and texture...this my friends...this is what makes me want to make more films!! Creativity...making things work to the best and creating some amazing sights with lighting and haze. I was instantly inspired. 

Upon my second viewing I must say I saw the beauty. I saw the light and I fell in love with the, completely. I felt his desire to make this, using his best judgments and really feeling restraints like many of us other filmmakers feel. The feeling of being rushed...the certainty of knowing how to make the best looking shots but only having time for 1 or 2 takes. It was relatable.

For me, aside from the script...this is Rob Zombies best film. Its visually stunning and is remarkable to watch. I really hope if you've seen it and hated it, you give the film another chance with open eyes and see the beauty. 

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