Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does the rain make you depressed?

Does the rain make you depressed?

Yesterday was a monsoon. Miserable weather here. The temperature dropped 30 degrees, the rain was sideways and my mood went from pleasant to distracted. I really think my mind opens when it rains. Its like a writing partner of sorts as it creates some sort of blackhole of dark creativity, for me. 

A headache developed, with a throbbing pain behind my right eye. It birthed an annoyance. I'd like to think, in my sick, twisted thought process that the sharp pain behind my eye would be similar to a torture technique with a tack. Imagine, sitting with someone and asking them questions and not getting the answers you wanted and forcing the tack a little further into an eye. "TELL ME!!!"

I sat and wrote....not really anything of significance, much like this blog entry. Its practice. It's expression; feeling a release of internal talk. Sure, the internal discussion is between you...and well, you, but sometimes its great to drop some words to laptop. 

Depression is a funny thing. You never recover. You never see it coming. Your mind races and you spiral down...its up to you to put on the brakes. I hate it. It tries to win, but I won't let it.

Thought - You should watch movies with commentary. Its a great learning experience and a lot of people don't bother. You learn more about scouting locations, problems on set and more about what direction the creator or director wanted to go. 

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