Friday, February 28, 2014

What's up people?!?!

What's up people?!?!

Wow, been a while since I've updated the site, so let's get to it!!

First, I wrote a new film titled RABBIT HOLE and the great news is we fully funded in less than 30 hours!! This will be my 3rd film, both BAGGAGE and NO CLOWNING AROUND are award winning and have been very well received. This time around I'm working with a fellow Philly filmmaker named Mike O'Mahony and we are just about ready to get started. Locations are good to go, casting is about finished and I truly can't wait!!

For more info about it, visit and we are continuing to fund until March 17th. Plenty of great perks still left. Filming is scheduled around April. 

I made my return to Professional Wrestling this past weekend for Xcite Pro Wrestling in Binghamton, NY. I managed my pal, Steve Corino and we had a blast. I had thought I was retired and would stay that way, but you know how it goes…hard to walk away. Yes, for those wondering, I took a stunner. People have been asking if I will be back full time? Full time, probably not, unless I start working for someone close. I will begin taking bookings for May…maybe sooner as a surprise. 

My son had a great year for wrestling. It really inspired me to get off my ass and start working out again. Happy to report, since the RABBIT HOLE pitch video, I'm down 25 pounds. Eating way, way better, working out daily and just enjoying life…it's all good.

People have been asking about my "crazy" look…well, I must admit, I have never been a beard guy, but I'm digging it. Actually, it's for the RABBIT HOLE film. Although, I'm not totally hating it, Kim isn't keen on the look..haha.

The website will be going under a change shortly, I really want to work hard and concentrate and writing again. This is a great way to just talk and express whatever I'm feeling. I'm also working on another secret film that we might shoot in June, plus a new podcast about Horror with some wrestling mixed in….still working on it.

Let's talk about the WWE Network…holy shitballs…talk about amazing. My love for wrestling has always been there, sometimes it gets lost. As a kid, I LOVED it, I always wanted a 24 hour wrestling, it's a reality. It's on at my house all the time. Completely addicted. 

Thats it for today people…enjoy your day. Inspire, be kind and work hard!!

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