Monday, December 2, 2013



"People live to ruin"…I wrote this earlier on my twitter. Some people truly do live to ruin. No one likes a party pooper…it's the truth. Have you ever woken up and thought "What am I doing?", well, let's hope you have because it's refreshing. 

My attitude has changed. I think a suitable answer for most is "I don't care". Not to be negative, it's actually taking your life back, in a's positivity. You chose what to enjoy, you have your own taste. You choose…only you. If someone hates themselves that much to bully you into their beliefs or to chase them down the rabbit hole of despair, it's YOUR choice to follow. 

My choices are only mine. I will take my own path and do what I want…you can follow or not..I don't care. I appreciate those who appreciate me. 

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