Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quackers gets a Director...or TWO!!

Quackers gets a Director...or TWO!!

Co-creators Buz Hasson and Rob Dimension had a meeting this weekend, while being guests at Monster-Mania Con weekend in Hunt Valley, MD, and plenty was accomplished for QUACKERS. The inspiration for the QUACKERS character was sketched out and we are moving forward.

Buz is the co-creator of the Living Corpse comic book series with Ken Haeser. The duo have been working hard getting the Corpse out there. You might have seen the Living Corpse film in your local Redbox, and from what I've been's only the beginning. Ken, with Corpse colorist and inker, Blair Smith were guest at the Pittsburgh Comic Con this past weekend.

Rob Dimension took a minute to sit down and discuss the synopsis and who will be behind the lens for QUACKERS. 

"Just coming off of BAGGAGE (which is racking up film festival appearances) has me on cloud nine. I set out to create a perfect team and I feel like we really involved some of the best in their fields. For QUACKERS, I felt it was important to do the same. I talked to our cinematography team from BAGGAGE; Jeffery Scott Gould and Steve Adams about my next project.

Jeff and I have worked on a few projects together and he has over twenty five years of experience behind the camera. He knows how to make the space within the shot to be interesting. His partner Steve, whom was just as important to the shot making for BAGGAGE, really proved himself to me. He made great suggestions to solve problems with some shots and was fantastic. Jeff is more of a classic horror fan, while Steve has some more twisted together they create a horror encyclopedia of creative shots, smooth camera work and know how to set the mood perfectly. 

It's with great pleasure that I announce that Jeffrey Scott Gould and Steve Adams will co-direct QUACKERS. I'm expecting a smooth filming with a lot of preparation. Both are very professional and want to make the best film possible. I'm excited to start this project with the both of them."

Dimension also gave us the synopsis : QUACKERS is the story of a struggling independent comic book writer and artist named Sterling Quack. As a child, Sterling was given a stuffed duck who inspired him to write the children's comic "Quackers". Lately, Sterling has noticed that kids today want violence and sex in their comics, two things that Sterling doesn't write about. As he prepares for the next day of writing, he lays his blank comic book panels out only to wake up and discover the next day; they're done!! Quackers is now performing violent acts on the pages..but who did it???

QUACKERS will begin crowd-funding in mid-January and production will begin in March of 2014. Stay tuned.  

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