Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happiness...Where Art Thou? - The Hatred on Social Media

Happiness...Where Art Thou? 
The Hatred on Social Media

Oh boy...where do I start? As I get older, my eyes become more aware of my surroundings and I realize that this current "mean" world trend isn't for me. It's no secret that the world is full of hate, yet people constantly try to stand up and say "love one another"...but do they practice what they preach?

Those that know me, know I love being sarcastic and having fun..but I also have an off switch. I enjoy being with my family, watching certain shows and just relaxing. Hatred is a growing situation, from our news, our government, religion and constantly on my news feed on Twitter and Facebook. 

On Sunday, the Walking Dead made it's way back for Season 4. I enjoy the show..it's not my favorite and yes, at times, I gripe and groan about it..but it's still fun. Plus, horror on TV is great...as we within the Horror community will agree. Sadly, I noticed some very mean spirited comments the entire day online leading up to the premier. Have we, as a "community" become so full of hate and anger, that we can't let others have enjoyment or excitement? 

I know others have said this before but...WE are supposed to be a strong community of fans, the Horror  Community. Sadly, I see more judgement, more meanness that reminds me of what I saw others say and do in high school. If someone is more popular or has more success that you, can you not be happy for them? Can you not help spread some good within the community? There are plenty of people I don't like...my solution, just don't post or comment about them. Sure, I'm not a fan of all shows...I haven't watched some others just because I have no interest...but I don't openly shit on those who do enjoy them. 

So, here's the challenge for you...take this week and promote the positives..see a comment you don't agree with, instead of being harsh or abrasive, argue your reasoning, but also back up your statements with why you don't agree. Take the time to be positive and show others, that aren't horror fans, that we, as a community don't fill that stereotype. 

Anyways..that's my two cents...just a few weeks until Halloween...let's enjoy the season. 

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