Monday, September 23, 2013

Mumbles and Looney Will Haunt You!!

Mumbles and Looney Will Haunt You!!!

"Hey's your old pal Mumbles the Clown. Seems I will be showing up at the Haunted Prison of Burlington County in Mt Holly, NJ. Stop by and see me...let's be best friends."

Mumbles the Clown, who garnered notoriety from the Independent Horror Film "No Clowning Around", will be making a few appearance at the Haunted Prison in Mt. Holly, NJ. Mumbles, along with his new gal pal, Looney, will be in the Funhouse of Fear.

Mumbles will be armed with the dreaded "Rubber Chicken" while Looney, luckily will be restrained. Not much is known about Looney except for Mumbles and her have some history...but we've been told, more of the back history will be made public as we get into October. 

Rob Dimension had this to say; "I've always wanted to work in a Halloween Haunt. I've been involved with a few the last couple of years but The Prison group have been very supportive of us and we've become friends with some of the owners and people who work there. It seems like a great learning tool for me, as I'm always looking for new ways to push the envelop in filmmaking, this is a good measuring stick to see what is scary."

Here are the dates to see Mumbles & Looney:

Friday Oct 11th
Friday Oct 18th
Friday Oct 25th
Saturday Oct 26th

The Haunted Prison is located:

128 High Street, Mt Holly, NJ

Want to learn more about Mumbles? Visit and while there, grab your copy of "No Clowning Around" and also the Living Corpse Comic :Haunted that featured Mumbles!!

Special Thank you to Deirdre Kinnevy from DeeKae Imagery for taking the photos. She is highly recommended. She was also the photographer for Dimension's last film "Baggage". Like her page on FB -

See you kids soon!!!

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