Monday, August 12, 2013

Baggage World Premier will be.......

Baggage World Premier will be.......

THIS SUNDAY 2pm at Monster-Mania!!!

Dave Hagan, the promoter of Monster-Mania contacted us yesterday and asked if we would screen our newest short film, baggage, to kick off the Sinister Short Film Festival. Baggage will not e part of the festival, but will be showcased instead. 

We could NOT be happier. Hagan, mentioned that because Rob Dimension is such an advocate of Independent film making, it just would be a perfect fit. 

Dimension had this to say; "I'm extremely honored and so thrilled to once again have our work highlighted at our home convention. I'm so proud to be a part of the short film festival and I love seeing what others create. It's going to be an awesome event during one of my favorite weekends."

The screening will be immediately after the Yorkie Auction that is held upstairs and is a LOT of fun. Stop by and say "Hello"!

Free Screening (limited seating) Aug 18th 
Sunday at 2pm in Plaza 1-3

Then, please stick around and watch all the talented filmmakers during the Sinister Short Film Festival. This will truly be a celebration that YOU should be a part of. 

BAGGAGE was written and stars Rob Dimension. The Cinematographer is Jeffery Scott Gould and Sound Design and Original Score Composer was performed by Barbara J Weber. It was Directed by Jeremiah Kipp. 

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