Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reaching the Masses?....Helllooooooooo!!!!

Reaching the Masses

Writing is therapeutic for some...maybe it is for me. It's like me thinking out loud and plus, this allows me to keep some in the know of what's going on. Recently I've been wondering how I can break that glass ceiling that allows a bigger circle of people know what I'm doing....this is no easy task.

The old saying about how hard work pays off...and nothing in life is easy...the person who said those things was probably an independent filmmaker. 

Btw...Independent Filmmaker is a term I kind of hate. Sure, I write, act and make movies...I don't do it Independently...it's all done with people's support. Their is nothing Independent about it. Sure, I know the real meaning but it just seems when I say that, I'm leaving a lot of people out. I'm not sure what to call myself...I'm working on it.

back to the therapy...

So my most recent struggle is how to tell more people. I consider myself pretty smart when it comes to promotion and marketing...but I'm puzzled.

Here is where I'm at:

Obvious Movie Maker
Money - I have none...haha...truth. the money I have went to filming and yes, marketing at conventions and film festivals. As anyone can tell you that vends at conventions..this is NOT CHEAP. I was planning on attending a few cons out in the middle states and with driving, hotel and food...it's about a $1,000 weekend. Sure, I'd make some back but no where near what I would like. At this stage of our growth, we can't absorb a $500 loss. Instead, we are focusing on better flyers to hand out, better representation for ourselves, better merchandise and trying the make the best impact we can with what we have. 

Advertising - this is a doozy...seriously. Let's say we have $200 to spend in the month of July to promote our newest film "baggage". Well, let's face facts...It's a short film and most of the "bigger" news sites are going to ignore it based on it not being a feature...sure we've been fortunate to have some very positive press (and those sites have been generous and I'm extremely grateful) but, you always want more people to notice. I'm making short films because I need to learn to crawl before I can run...jumping into a project and losing thousands of dollars is simply immature and being naive to think I was ready.

I turned to the people and asked questions like " What about promoting my posts on Facebook?", "When you visit the news sites...do you click on the ads?"....sadly...I found no solution. As silly as it is...I tend to look in the Horror magazines and read the ads there. They have a better chance for me to look up a site from them, than anywhere. We all know that $200 ain't gonna get much :)

Where does that leave me? Well....scraping with the rest of the bunch. Working hard and trying my best...that's all I can do. Trust me when I say this...We are working hard to bring the best we can. With each project, we will get better and after "baggage" we will be moving forward on a feature film. The time is now and I feel we have the absolute best team I could ask for.

Until them...it's Guerrilla Marketing and hanging in the trenches to battle everyday. Thanks to those who are always positive and believing in us. 

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