Friday, June 14, 2013

BAGGAGE release date & DVD info

BAGGAGE Release Date & DVD Info

BAGGAGE will be released on Friday, August 16th, 2013. This will be available at Monster-Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ. Rob and Kim Dimension will be on hand to talk about the film all weekend long. Plus, the Dimension's will have posters and T-shirts from both BAGGAGE and NO CLOWNING AROUND.

DVD artwork may vary


$8.00 plus $3.00 shipping in US

Details - The DVD will contain the 15 minute short film "baggage", plus their award winning film "No Clowning Around". Behind the scenes, Interviews and commentary will also be included.  

Release date - Aug 16, 2013

BAGGAGE stars Rob Dimension, Ilaria Malvezzi, Kim Dimension, Jerry Janda, Amber Marchese,  Thomas Mendolia and Chris Raddatz. 

Writer and Screenplay : Rob Dimension
Story Concept : Sal Valente
Director : Jeremiah Kipp

Director of Cinematography/Editor : Jeffrey Scott Gould

Assistant Director of Cinematography : Steve Adams

Executive Producer : Kim Dimension

Associate Producer : Bill Wilusz
Soundtrack/Composer : Barbara J Weber
Photographer : Deirdre Kinnevy (DeeKae Imagery)/ Kristen Adams
Artwork : Brian Mitchell (Brian Mitchell's Creative Mind)

BAGGAGE is the short film by writer/lead actor Rob Dimension, that will make you rethink the term "normal". Dimension plays Benjamin, a man who seems to live a normal life; he goes to work, has a happy home life and lives in the middle of clean cut America. This 15 minute film follows a day in the life; witness what happens when an incident breaks down Benjamin's "normal" life. 

BAGGAGE is directed by Jeremiah Kipp (CRESTFALLEN, CONTACT, THE DAYS GOD SLEPT). Kipp had this to say about BAGGAGE, “BAGGAGE immediately captured my interest as a beautiful and macabre tale of a man haunted by desire. It’s got the feverish, melancholy intensity of an Edgar Allan Poe story, but told in a modern and transgressive way. Rob wanted a genre film that was aesthetically stunning, and combined with the visual sensibility of our cinematographer Jeffrey Gould, we were going for a style that felt like Alfred Hitchcock circa 1960: Bold camera angles, a constantly moving camera to sustain the tension and unnerving God’s-eye-view overhead shots that make Benjamin feel small and oppressed. Every image should resonate with the beauty of a painting, but one where if you look at it too closely, you realize you’re caught up in the swirls of a nightmare.”

Dimension had this to add, “Having Jeremiah want to be a part of this and help lead the film in the right direction solidifies that we are on to something good. Kipp can see the vision I’ve written, and he pushes me beyond my safe place. We have an amazing cast and crew involved, and the atmosphere transcends modern horror with a very vintage, elegant style.”

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