Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baggage Diary #3 (June 5, 2013)

Baggage Diary #3 (June 5, 2013)

The last weekend of filming was really all the secret stuff from the film so I will share more of my feelings and less of any potential spoiler info. It's a short update

I really wanted to name this "My Brush with a Madman" because it's truly how I felt. I've been able to act/perform in a variety of projects and be everything from the evil villain to a hapless, a bumbling version of myself. Never have I ever been shaken like I have been playing "Benjamin" in "baggage". 

On the last day of filming, we were on the move for 18 hours; it was tough and grueling...but at the same time, everyone was focused and determined to make the best film possible. It's hard to describe the feeling I had...maybe I'm a method actor or maybe I put far too much thought into the character I'm portraying...either way...I'm not sure how often I will rewatch "baggage" simply due to some of  footage I've seen of me in the "heat of the moment". I was able to sit and watch a scene where Benjamin is being an awful person...and I sat with hands over my mouth as I looked into my eyes and saw NOTHING! It gave me chills and it really was a glimpse of my own madness.

When I wrote the story I guess it never really hit me, even the weekend before was much more relaxed (even though I had some tough moments), about how much it would mentally exhaust me. While it took me about 5 days to break free from the Benjamin skin, even going as far as shaving the goatee and getting a hair cut, I am completely happy with what I've seen from the footage thus far. I really feel we have done something great.

This is the moment where I will gloat and talk extremely highly of everyone involved...words can't express the experience I had. The experience will help me personally and professionally. I made new friends and really learned from everyone around me. I learned my own limits and how to push past those, I learned how to be more artistic and find beauty in the most horrible visions. I really don't feel that "baggage" is about me at all...I think it's about the people that helped MAKE the film. It's each and every person that shared interest and/or worked long hours and gave up something for this to happen.

Next week, we will announce a release date and when and where you will be able to get your copy.  

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