Monday, May 6, 2013

Netflix and me - Why I can't walk away

Netflix and Me -
Why I can't walk away

Oh Netflix, how I love thee. Sure, our relationship hasn't always been this current romantic love affair...we've had our rocky past but sometimes you have to put faith in something. I've yet to make the commitment with RedBox, but she does look attractive, especially since the rental fee's are only $1 a day. As if you don't think I'm odd enough, now I'm referring to streaming and rental machines as a her. 

Back to the business at hand...this past week, streaming giant and rental beast, Netflix lost nearly 1800 streaming titles. If you remember, Netflix had a similar loss back in 2012 when the Starz agreement expired. How much did the most recent loss affect me? Honestly, not a lot. But, I must a lover who is losing faith in his mate, I was starting to panic. Was Netflix on the ropes? Were things about to go south? 

I instantly went to my account online and started to figure out a game, let me say this, I was not renting dvd's from Netflix, I was only streaming. With all the possibilities of streaming, I walked away from the renting game about a year ago. I'm a subscriber of Hulu Plus, plus I've looked at Amazon Prime, RedBox streaming and now it seems Warner Brothers has a many choices for streaming. I had to devise a plan to still watch what I wanted...Netflix takes away..I know what I'll do, I'll give them MORE of my money (This is where I question my own sanity). Yes..I literally went on to my account and purchased to rental service again. 

I know what you're asking..."Why Rob...why?" I can only guess I felt like something was being taken away from I wanted control again. It's the old car salesman trick that I was taught. When I was 19 yrs old and selling cars, one of the first lessons I was told was - when you place the keys of a car into the customers hands, they immediately feel a sense of ownership. Taking those keys away, plays a trick on their mind, and now they don't want to let go. 

So I have fallen to the oldest trick in the book...oh Netflix, you sly gave me tons of titles, regardless if I would never watch them, only to take them away. I felt I, in return, gave you more money. 

My next question is this - when Netflix loses a ton of titles, does this mean that the end of the road can be insight? I mean, look at all the other streaming sites, and I'm sure plenty more are underway to pop up. If the studios wise up and stop licensing their titles and start streaming their own libraries, what would be left for Netflix? Sure, Netflix is working on a library of titles the revival of Arrested Development and the new Hemlock Grove. Our subscription dues are paying for the new content, but...and it's a big But....if the subscription stop...does the new content? Of course. Hemlock Grove was given a $3 million dollar budget per episode and early reviews were so so. I have yet to watch it, but I will get around to it. 

Will we see a resurgence of Independent titles hit Netflix? I mean if they loss a majority of the better titles, they have to turn to Independent titles, right? For the independent filmmakers, it's nearly impossible to get Netflix to carry their titles, plus the revenue is nothing...wouldn't it be great if all of a sudden we hit the upward trend of funding by distributors to make Netflix titles that would be like the late 80's trend of straight to video VHS? Could it be possible? I guess we shall see.

These are just my opinions...enjoy!


  1. I liked Hemlock Grove. There were some weak parts and I did hate the majority of one episode but over all I really enjoyed it. Some of it felt kinda paint by numbers but then again it was probably targeted at the masses instead of the horror crew.

    As far as streaming it does feel bad loosing a bunch of titles but the way I see it I have over 300 titles in my instant que. I doubt I will watch all of these before they get back or I forget about any that are "lost".

    It would be cool if someone stared an indie only streaming service especially if the filmakers could get a good share of the profits in relation to viewing of their film. That however may be the stumbling block.

    1. Jim, I would love to see an Indie streaming site, but as hard as it is to get people to take risks on purchasing a dvd, it would be a major task to get people to support an actual service. We can hope though