Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baggage Diary #1 (May 16,2013)

Baggage Diary #1 (May 16,2013)

Hey guys, just like my last film I wanted share my experience with those who wanted an inside look. As you know, I'm always honest and never hold anything back. So you will be my co-pilot along with this flight.

Saturday starts our shoot and it's a relatively easy shoot day. Most of the real aggressive acting is the weekend after, but I still feel pressure. Whenever you create, at least for me, there is always a sense of hope and anxiety. I hope I don't let anyone down and my goal is to do my best. With "No Clowning Around", my mind was a mess and I really didn't care if people liked it...I did it for me. This time around with "baggage", I desire appreciation. I wrote this short with the intention to make something horrific, yet beautiful. I chalk this up as Growth and Discovery.

"baggage" follows a day in the life of Benjamin. Benjamin tries hard to fit in...he wants to impress you and look for your acceptance. I have a backstory I've thought of for Benjamin, so I have an idea of what he feels like and how heavy his heart is. As the days approach, I can't help but feel this black cloud over me...sorrow, sadness and some underlying rage. I feel what Benjamin feels..I feel like the puzzle piece that regardless how hard you try, it just won't fit in. I am, in essence, carrying his baggage. Benjamin in Normal is something he has been told, but obviously...he isn't.

Pre-production has gone great. Thank you to everyone that helped make this film a reality. A lot of the supporters, you will actually see IN the film! We shoot with all the extras this weekend, next weekend is very intimate and will help with the darker mood of the film. I have shopped and gathered wardrobe, small set dressings and tried to think of everything to help bring his world to real life. Having a fantastic crew has made this process great. We have shared notes, thoughts and put a lot of time and effort into this 12-15 minute film. You really learn who you can put faith in.

I think the scariest thing is Benjamin's story could be door to your house and you would never know until it was too late. You can follow along as we film right here or at I will also try to tweet (or Kim will from my phone) photos and thoughts as we film, on my twitter @RobDimension

Thanks for reading!

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