Monday, April 8, 2013

Wrestlemania and Your Wake Up Call

Wrestlemania and Your Wake Up Call

Good morning monday morning armchair bookers...if you're reading this, there is a great chance you spent your hard earned money on Wrestlemania last night and you're probably bitching. I am writing this as your voice of reason to help you feel better and look at the real side of WWE. 

First and foremost, if at any point, you look at last night's show and want to mention "it was booked wrong" or "they didn't let them work"...well, then you're already too smart for your own good. WWE is not about booking!! When they hire "writers", t9 times out of 10, they have 0 wrestling background. Also, let's look at Dusty Rhodes, who was a noted booker for NWA and/or Dutch Mantell who booked in Puerto Rico for several years as well, are both back stage, plus guys like Steamboat and you think those guys, collectively could not book the the most amazing show ever? Hell, you have Paul Heyman right there...this guy made wrestling fun again...he get's it, they all get it..but you don't?? Let it go!!

What ever hope you're believing with hopes that John Cena will "go heel" (even though he sells more merchandise than ANYONE and grants more "Make a Wish" wishes than anyone EVER) or that CM Punk will beat the streak of a guy who people have talked about for more than 25 years (do you think Punk will have any validity in 25 years?) then you might want to either head to the Independents or quit watching. I feel bad for the Independent companies..they try to offer you old school booking, yet you shit on it and claim it's dated, but they turn on the "Entertainment" button and you shit on that too. 80,000 people attended that show last night and Millions bought the PPV...if you aren't happy..don't watch and don't go! Your seat will be taken by someone else, I promise.

I am your wake up call. WWE is entertainment, just like a movie or TV show. They base they're "push" on ratings...your opinion doesn't matter. You have every right to bitch if you were unhappy about Wrestlemania but let me ask you this - Was the "show" that bad? Or was it because they didn't "book" to your liking? The presentation was amazing (from the pictures I saw). They offered the greatest fan experience they could. They have a Hall of Fame ceremony (which some are based on entertainment draw also). They put on one hell of a show.

I get so tired of seeing people complain, yet they watch every week. For what??? To see if they're gonna start "your booking mentality"?? Hahaha...come better than that. Either watch for the fun of it and let go of "wrestling" concept and accept "Entertainment" or simply turn it off. If you sold 80,000 seats for an event and generated MILLIONS, would you change??? Me either.

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  1. I hear ya, totally. But as someone who has been bitching a bit about Mania, allow me to explain myself...

    The main reason I still watch WWE, to this day, is because of that childhood connection I have with the brand. While they've always got a few good things going for them, which keep me entertained, the product has just been so stale for so long, and I think the complaints about it are coming from people who, like me, want to love it and want it to be great, but are just so frustrated by the way things are going.

    Wrestlemania, aside from moments here and there, was a total letdown. Punk/Taker stole the show, but other than that, there was absolutely nothing to separate this year's Mania from any other PPV, or even any ole episode of Raw, aside from the length. Mania always used to be the grand spectacle of the year, and I got no real spectacle last night.

    They just missed so many obvious moments they could've created, and the show all around was quite frankly boring. Don't get me wrong, I had an absolute blast being there live, but if I had been watching it from home, I likely would've fallen asleep. Just so ... uneventful. So unexciting. So predictable.

    The opinion of the fans does matter, if you're asking me. Yes, WWE is going to be making bank regardless of whether the show itself is any good or not, but for true fans of the brand, it's just plain frustrating, and that's where all the negativity comes from. I don't think it's a case of hating just to hate (which it often is when it comes to, say, horror movies), it's more a case of WWE just being lackluster of late.

    As for CM Punk. I think if anyone was the guy to end Taker's streak, it was him. He's the best thing the WWE has got going for them right now, and I think he absolutely will be relevant in 25 years. Honestly, I was hoping he was going to beat Taker, because that would elevate his star even higher. Kinda bummed that his gimmick is being "The Best In The World" (which he quite frankly is, at this point) and yet they keep having him lose lately. My opinion? Vince needs to hinge the whole company on him. Because he's the best thing he's got right now.