Thursday, April 4, 2013

So Rob, what have you been watching?

So Rob, what have you been watching?

So Rob, what have you been watching? Well, first of all, that you for asking and caring...secondly, I have been consuming mad craziness...literally.

If you listened to this week "Monster-Mania Radio", you heard me explain that this past weekend I was offered a compliment...sort of. While eating lunch with my Wife on Saturday, after sharing our teaser trailer for "baggage" with a family friend, who had also seen "No Clowning Around",  makes this very statement; "You play mentally ill so well."

Go ahead and reread that....yep, I play mentally ill so well. I took this as a compliment and greatly appreciate that she felt like I was possibly criminally insane, so much so that I might even be believable.  Isn't that the goal for an actor? Now, let me make this statement; I have NEVER classified myself as an actor. I only want to make movies that I want to see. I write them, I act in them, I enjoy the process and the people that I work with and those that support anything I do. With that being said, for "baggage" I am trying my ass off. I want to be the absolute best that I can. I'm studying all the time, I'm submersed within the subject matter. Typically, this is where I would say, I don't take myself too serious, but for the first time...I am. 

I know that with a subject matter like we will be covering in "baggage", I will experience depression, I will feel dread and's inevitable. I have been tweeting "Benjamin is normal" for a few weeks as I start the physical and mental transformation. I probably will not be as chatty, I might be quieter...but  at the end of this process, I will (hopefully) feel accomplished and fulfilled.

So, you ask, what have you bee watching? you go:

The Shining - Jack Nicholson has become my role model as of late, from an acting standpoint. His ability to throw a look or a simple mannerism is amazing. I think the world of his character acting right now. 

Taxi Driver - Robert DeNiro plays a perfect role of a person trying to balance between sane and going off the deep end. He is battling his inner demons and looking for his place in the world. You see his spiral downward, it's a great watch and motivates me to work hard.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - This has become my favorite as of late. I never bothered with watching it prior and I realize I really made a HUGE mistake. Another one of Nicholson's best...seriously. It plays with your emotions, between who really is crazy...those being helped or those that are helping? This movie is one of the best tool's for studying human behavior...even though they are acting, it's done so well, it currently is on my weekly rotation of viewing. The cast is fantastic and everyone knows their role...I highly recommend this one.

On the topic of real life - I have been watching a lot of criminal trials and documentaries plus tons of the ID channel..which honestly, has some of the best ideas for horror movies..haha. Life life is so scary compared to film. I have been watching a lot of Aileen Wuornos, from her documentary, her trail and even the film "Monster" that really is Charlize Theron's best performance (at least for me) as she nails it. Like, eerily similar. 

Back to Wuornos... I've never seen blacker her footage, watch when she gets's frightening. This is, too me, what insane is...she was over the edge, yet at peace. She spoke with a calmness, but when she was challenged, she would snap and speak her mind. She walked with pride, never doubting who she's an amazing case to study. 

So, yeah...I will be busy until we film...I'm determined, I'm focused and I accept the challenge.

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