Monday, April 29, 2013

Random Thought of the day.... Twitter Verified

4/29/13 Thought

Maybe I should start using this blog for more randomness or thoughts for the day than just semi thought out plans. 

Somethings really bother I know you're gonna say; "'re such a pleasant guy...what could be so troubling?"

The newest trend of people wanting to be "Twitter Verified". Sure, I like to tell people I'm some sort of a Social Media Guru, but let's be honest...I really don't know shit. I just know what I think is sad and pathetic.

Begging to be "Verified" is an outright cry for being "accepted" or "validated". Let's look at why verification is really done on Twitter. Sadly, someone like Tom Cruise (as an example) wants to set up a Twitter, yet, some lonely, impersonating turd already stole his user name. How pathetic can you be to portray someone else online? Are you serious?? The biggest problem is that people just aren't happy being themselves...instead of wanting someone else's life, please close your laptop, get out of your house and meet people.

Please, please, please...indie filmmakers, movie reviewers and anyone else who feels they are need to be told that they are someone...look in the mirror and just be happy with who you are. As I've said - Worry about the followers you have, not the ones you don't. 

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