Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Philly gets a Compound Fracture

Philly Gets a Compound Fracture

A few months ago, Tyler Mane, Michael Myers from Zombie's Halloween, and I discussed his film "Compound Fracture" and the special screening he was putting together in Philly. He explained how they would tour with the film, a method of promotion that is rarely done, including a Questions and Answers segment and really use a grassroots approach to spreading the word and giving back to the fans. 

Last night I ventured out to Philly and attended this screening and let me say this....this might have been one of the best film going experiences I have attended. Tyler and his wife, Renae Geerlings wrote and star in Compound Fracture and you can tell, they set out to make a quality film, wanted to have some fun and accomplished both. Before I get to the film, let's talk about the experience itself....the screening was held at the Ritz East, which is a very nice theater..so nice that they even put the calorie count on the popcorn bucket, luckily, I wasn't worried about my waistline...I'm fat, the lie is over. Tyler and Renae are extremely inviting and personable and really want you, the invitee to have the best experience possible. From the Red Carpet treatment, to the give aways, the behind the scenes mini featurette (similar to a DVD extra) and they wrap the night with a very intimate Q&A. What struck me the most was their honesty about things...from it being tough to not try to control everything, to the writing process plus, what the future holds for Mane Entertainment. 

Dimension & Mane
Compound Fracture was the best film I've seen this year thus far, yes, better than Evil Dead, better than MaMa and better than the Texas Chainsaw 3-D films. This film has the elements of the Supernatural, Witchcraft and more importantly, protecting your family. Mane, plays the lead Michael, with Geerlings playing his Fiancee Juliette. Muse Watson, known best for his role at the fisherman in I Know What You Did Last Summer plays Mane's Father, Gary who is struggling with old age and dementia while Mane's real life pal, Derek Mears (Jason from the Friday the 13th remake) plays the villain William. Special shout out to Leslie Easterbrook here as she plays a very different role for her in a while, Annabelle, Gary's new wife who is being both mentally and psychically abused by him. 

Without spoiling the film, let me give you an overview - Michael's sister was killed by her Husband William, in the process, William is killed. This leaves her son in Michael and Juliette's hands. As they visit Michael's Father, Gary, you quickly see that things have spiraled out of control as Gary has built a "Witchcraft Compound". This takes you for a ride to the supernatural with a final showdown that has to be seen.

The story unravels as the film plays out...something that is a rarity in today's cinema. Typically, the story has to smack you in the face because studios are afraid to trust the audience actually has some brains...Compound Fracture is a slow burning film that plays like building train tracks..with each piece being laid out as the story progresses...very well done. The cinematography uses a great blend of grittiness, modern approaches and also security camera footage to capture the action. Plus, I have to tip my hat to Tyler, as he portrayed a hero that is actually a little vulnerable, really well. His on screen chemistry with Geerlings is genuine and shines through. Muse and Mears are great, plus, did I mention how much I love Easterbrook? Anytime you can see "Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees" any horror nerd will lose their shit with excitement..that alone will sell tickets. 

In closing, I will say this...if this tour comes to your town, make sure you go. Make sure you support this group, make sure you spread the word. This is a perfect example of US taking back the movies from big studios and allowing creative people to make great films. 

Visit their site at www.CompoundFractureTheMovie.com  and see if they are coming near you. 

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