Saturday, April 6, 2013

My thoughts on the Evil Dead

My thoughts on the Evil Dead (2013)

Hey gang, first let me say this...I hope if you have any desire to see the Evil Dead that you don't listen to anyone else's opinions. Go watch and make up your own mind. If you believe anyone's opinion is more valid than your might want to rethink things. Frankly, the only reason I'm writing this is because for some odd reason, people want my opinion. People tend to want to share their own opinions with me, but since everyone's taste differs, only I decide to watch what I want regardless of what others say. (not trying to sound like a dick, but it's the truth) No critic has ever swayed my decision to pass on seeing something that I wanted to see...I even went to the Texas Chainsaw 3-D mess.

Going an seeing the Evil Dead can only lead to both good and bad. The good would mean that studios would realize that Horror has a place and people want to see it...the bad, well, sadly we will be watching more remakes, re-imaginings and any other name they can create for the same drivel. Look at the numbers, the first day, Evil Dead did nearly $12 million...and most people have said "I loved it". That's awesome. Also, please NEVER use this in your opinion "Well, this remake is better than ________ remake". Sadly, that statement is the equivalent of saying "Being punched in the stomach is better than being punched in the face." It just is comparing piles of shit, with some turds being higher than others.

Before reading any further, I have a confession...I was never a fan of the original Evil Dead. I know...I should turn in my horror nerd card...but, if it helps me hold some credibility..I really love part 2 and Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell has great comedic timing and I love his one liners. Maybe because I saw these when I was enjoying a time period in horror that had more campiness...I'm still a fan of the "Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl A Rama" thanks to "Up All Night". 

With that being said...this will be spoiler free!! It's not a's just my thoughts and my opinion!

Ok, I didn't love the Evil Dead and I didn't hate the Evil Dead. It's not a remake, it's more of a group of kids that wind up in our far too familiar cabin in the woods (another film I didn't care for). The Book of the Dead rears it's ugly pages and hell ensures..literally. There is TONS of blood and horrific imagery that will satisfy plenty. For newcomers to horror, this will be a rude awakening. I appreciate great gore like anyone..but, gore does not mean the movie is good.

The pacing seems like a flatline. The opening 2 minutes are awful...that's your spoiler...go 2 minutes in and you will feel better. I also liked "The Ring"in 2002 with the crazy walk and scary sound..but it's 2013. Maybe I just hate possession movies...I was never a fan of the Exorcist either. The characters are ok, the acting is ok...I did have a few eye rolls during the last 15 minutes as well. Like i said, some really great effects but I don't think I am the target they are aiming for. I went in with an open mind and wanted to really love it, but didn't. I wanted this movie to be our savior!!! But, it wasn't (at least for me)

Maybe you loved it...that's awesome! Maybe you can't wait to see it again...I'm happy you dug it. For me, I left without the feeling that I needed to see it again, yet I've watched Part 2 and The Army of Darkness countless times, even buying the numerous releases. I just felt empty. Plus, after hearing all the hype of "stay after the credits"..I was so excited, but it was just kind of lame. I know, you're reading this and saying "Damn're a complainer and nothing makes you happy!!" Well, if that is what you take from this, then you clearly don't much about me and that's fine too.

This is NOT from Evil Dead 2013, but you wouldn't know it

In closing....I only want the BEST for horror. It's a genre I hold very close to my heart and unlike so many, I'm not opposed to remakes...I'm not. I welcome new retellings of classics that I love. I love the thought of attracting new fans and making the horror pool bigger. To those that went to see the Evil Dead, the genre thanks you and so do I. Good or bad, loved or is always about if you had a good time. I had a great time, but it wasn't the was being with someone I love that made it great....see, there is your positive.