Monday, April 1, 2013

Everyone's a Critic.

Everyone's a Critic.

As I scroll through my Facebook feed today, I can't tell you how sad it makes me. People have become so critical of everything and I think it will only become worse. Granted, this is only MY opinion....some will agree, some won't and that's ok.

I think we have lost the process of understanding that we have an opinion. Making such a bold statement as "If you liked the Walking Dead's finale, please unfriend me" really is kind of shocking to me. You're basing your friendships on if someone liked a Tv show? This can't be serious....right? (I will make another blog about why I believed that the season finale of the Walking Dead worked for me later). Honestly, those that make those statements make it easy for me to see who I will be unfriending this week.

I used to love reviewing films and there was a time when I felt my opinion mattered but one day I woke up and realized that what I like, you might not...that certainly doesn't mean you have bad taste or you're an awful person. Not everyone is the same, which is a great thing. You feel that a great Saturday night might be a warm cup of tea, watching the Notebook, cuddled up next to your loved one...while for might be a Coke, watching some Horror movie, playing UNO with my Wife and kids...which is better? Everyone is different...some enjoy partying, some enjoy romance...everyone different.

Let's get this straight...there is no such thing as a professional opinion. Sure, there are people who are paid to review, that are well versed in the subject and are amazing writers but it is still just an opinion. Obviously, I trust a lot of different people's opinions and words of advice in life or profession, but the bottom have to be your own judge. You can only decide what you like and enjoy. I think this is something that you learn as you grow older and see life...maybe not..I don't know. It just seems as life continues and I start to progress through my 40's I begin to worry about less about the nonsense and do more for me...after all, at the end of the day, it's my life, my thoughts and my happiness. This certainly isn't a self-entitlment issue for me, just a free thinking entitlement. 

I can honestly say, a critics review of a film has NEVER swayed me from watching something I want to see (most recently, the Texas Chainsaw remake as an example...still went and was still sad). I do though, whole heartily agree that several strong reviews do create hype and even I fall victim to it. Let's look at two movies I'm hyped for - Evil Dead and Pacific Rim..both are getting raving reviews and it does make me extremely eager to see them. At the end of the day...regardless of what anyone says, I would still stand in line, spend my $14 and go watch them both. Will I sing their praises if they're amazing?? Of course!! Will I blast them if they are bad?? Of course!! It's the internet and I have a voice too...BUT, I won't ever say "If you liked or disliked these movies..we aren't friends anymore"...(maybe jokingly I might). 

This is my blog post to plead for society to stop taking their opinion too seriously. Sure, real life beliefs are on an entirely different scale, but we are talking about movies and Tv here....pure silliness and full of make believe. Have a great week!

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