Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just when I thought I was done with Exorcisms!!

Just when I thought I was done with Exorcisms!!

Not every day you read that title..but come on..lets talk - 

For me, the religious, exorcisms movies are done to death..probably because, along with Ghost films, I'm just done with them not being done properly. For every Exorcist, there are 20 awful Last Exorcism type films. 

Possession is scary...seriously. It really is! An unknown entity enters your body and takes over, usually for the soul purpose to wreck shit. Your family gets crazy, your body tweaks and you say mean and hurtful things...sounds like the days of being bullied...don't ask, it was painful young years.

Anyways...I have been open about my distain for these films, recently even stating this on the Monster-Mania Radio show. I went to a Catholic school almost my entire learning career...yet, the thing that should scar me the most, actually scares me the least. How can that be?

Last night, I finally caught REC 3, the third installment into the REC franchise. A Spanish franchise that I truly love...truly. The first, spawned the US remake "Quarantine" and honestly, "Quarantine 2", like a zombies on the plane type film wasn't awful...check it out, it's on Netflix...back to REC...so REC, as the story progresses, you see there is more to the story and it becomes a religious/ possession story. REC 2 was another good one. REC 3 had gotten so so reviews...so I went in, almost with my mind made up to NOT like it...well...it wasn't bad.

Does is seem creepy? Well, not really. Is it a farce? Well, not really. I think it's 80 mins of a wedding gone wrong...like that hasn't happened before. It does play out like a zombie film, and the difference is when you see the images of the "possessed" in the mirror. The cure?? It's simple enough and the ending has a great twist. I recommend it..at least on streaming. I bought the first two...I probably will buy this one, because I'm a mental case and need to complete the collection. I know, not much of a review..more like food for thought. I want my Exorcisms scary dammit!!

I also want to say this...I have been infatuated with the theory that Horror films shouldn't have a happy ending. Is killing off your "hero" in the film, really too ballsy of a move? Just curious as to what you think. 

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